Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

If you’re having trouble finding a shot and able to travel, look in Trump country.

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Yeah, a lot of the rural counties around here are listing appts as county residents only. I guess that’s good the demand is high enough they need to do that.

This is what I did. I couldn’t get it in my (blue) county, even folks age 65+ were struggling. But I called a pharmacy in a very red county and got an appt 2-3 days later.

If you checked in your area for vaccines and found none nearby, keep checking frequently. Many sites are constantly updating, and people are quick on the trigger to book them.

I got mine through CVS, who seems to have a lot of availability in my area. I had previously registered with the state department of public health and myvaccinega.com, and both offered me the chance to schedule appointments (still weeks out) right after I had an appointment in hand.

Before I had any appointments, I was using https://www.vaccinespotter.org/ They seem to refresh availability at a lot of locations for you. In my area it looks like they are mostly reporting Walmart and Walgreens availability

We live right on a county border, and the county a stone’s throw* from our house just opened eligibility to 16+, but our county has not. They clearly state only for folks who live in work in that county. Sigh.

  • I would actually guess more like ten stone’s throws, and after thinking about this, it is rather likely I will be throwing some rocks later today to find out.

I’m afraid it’s too late to join this year’s RPS tournament, but good luck throwing those rocks.

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I played in that tournament many years ago on the AO. I always threw rock (the only honorable throw where I came from). It was reasonably effective until folks noticed the pattern. Then it was less effective.


Is it opening up for everyone to get the vaccine mostly? Any places where it’s still super difficult to get it?

I am not eligible, and even when I become eligible (4/15), I expect it will still be difficult to get. I live in SF bay area.

I’ve had good luck finding appts using my state’s vaccine appt aggregator. It’s a matter of timing, You just have to check at the same time the appts are published at that location.


Yup, I’m gonna wait out the rush, too. In SoCal here (Giants suck!!).

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it’s open for everyone over age 30 here, but people under 30 barely need it anyway. It’s going to open up to everyone over 16 next week.

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To the very limited extent we pay any attention to baseball, we are an A’s household. Mostly because their stadium is closer, easier to get to, and tickets are easier to get and cheaper. I have not been to a Giants game since they played in Candlestick.

A’s are alright.

Its open to everyone here.

But it is super difficult to get if you are in the largest metro area unless you are willing to drive 2-4 hours each way.

And right now vaccine spotter only has 1 place with openings in the whole state, and that is a 4 hour drive from me.

NC is still a week out to open to everyone - right now it’s only essential workers that didn’t make the cut earlier (like IT folk, apparently), homeless people, incarcerated people, and high-risk individuals (which include obese -or- simply overweight). This list is weird TBH.

Basically all the skinny WFHomies are still waiting (like my husband for example, who may actually qualify as essential since he works for Big Pharma). Actually getting the appointment is still tricky and I, whom already lives semi-rurally, had to travel 45 minutes away to get myself in.

Edit: Also, I’ve heard it’s more of a supply issue, than a demand one.

MN just opened up to everyone 16+ yesterday.

It is still extremely difficult to get an appointment.
A lot of watching trackers for hours on end, checking at weird hours (2 am seems to be a great time), and being willing to drive anywhere in the state.

Demand still greatly outpaces the supply around here and neighboring states.

WA state just expanded today(3/31) to their final tier/phase phase with any restrictions. The next expansion will be to the entire population. I expect that to be probably mid April.

So, not available in that state for those wanting it.

good ol rock, nothing beats that