Will Trump have to turn over proof of fraud?

Will surely be appealed, but we can hope.

What’s with the umlaut?

:shrug: not intentional. no idea how I created it. Now fixed

Shoot. I want to know!

Probably in the Alt-140’s. My keyboard does something else when I press “Alt” and “4” simultaneously.
Alt-0252 !

Anyway, Trump will run out of money in a week. That is, if he ever pays any of it, which he won’t.

He’ll get his sheep to pay it for him.

How long it would take him to run out of money would depend on how much he has, with various self-reported values (of assets anyway, maybe cash too) varying widely.

As long as he can tap the GOP’s coffers, he’s got access to cash because the GOP is never going to tell him to go f.o.

Anything on Earth cooked as much as the Trump Corporation’s books?

Maybe Angelo Mozilo’s skin.

Trump steaks?

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Tucker Carlson’s nuggets?
Sharon’s pies?


Virgins in a volcano?

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