Wildlife is not your friend

Residents force hippo to vomit two year old boy

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the boy Paul Yiga was swallowed by a hippo having been left unattended to by his parents.

Enanga said a hippo strayed from Lake Katwe and found the boy playing before it swallowed him.

He added that locals noticed the boy had been swallowed half way and made alarms as they pelted the water beast with stones , that was on its way back to the lake .

The hippo would later vomit the boy and dived back into the lake.

The boy was then rushed to Bwera hospital for treatment.

He later gained consciousness and was discharged from hospital.

The police spokesperson however warned parents staying around animal sanctuaries like lakes, wild life centers to watch out for stray animals like crocodiles and hippos that might attack them.

Just in case it was not clear

Wildlife will eat you, bite you, give you diseases, smash your windshield, etc.

They are not cuddly.

Stay away from wildlife.

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I wonder if the boy put his fingers down the back of the hippo’s throat.

:astonished: the boy lived

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So, is the boy going to be renamed Jonah?

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Kid probably looked like a marble.

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not sure how the boy lives.

unless the hippo was really just playing

Was this supposed to be part of the crazy north Westchester County thread???

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We have no hippos.

I try to keep the unfriendly wildlife stories in that thread strictly related to my geographic area (that others do not is not my fault).

Perhaps I should update the headline

Wildlife AND cats are not your friends

unless you wanted an unsolicited gator head

this reminds me of when I had an unsolicited cat [a story: a cat, which we couldn’t get rid of, til it disappeared [hmmm] - it kept digging itself into our house through various holes in our basement] - I had a basement bedroom, and the cat would drag in its kills, or, rather, stunned prey to actually kill in front of the light I had at the bottom of the stairs so I could find it.

One morning I found said cat with two bunnies, one bunny already dead (I cannot remember if the bunny was decapitated or what) and one bunny only stunned.

I was not amused. I called for my father for help, and chased off the cat. We got the stunned bunny back outside, disposed of the dead bunny (all the parts), and then when the cat came back in the house it was pissed that we had removed all of its prizes. What the hell, humans?

Well, dogs are humans’ best friends.

Cats and humans are not friends.

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Mebbe Indy goes far and wide to recruit for his army of animals: you think those virus monkeys breaking loose on a Pennsylvania highway leading to your area was just a coincidence??? :tfh:

Awaiting a cat-lady banshee-level post in 3…2…1…

Out here in LaLaLand, The Puma/Mountain Lion identified as P-22 was put down the other day. Lived in the Griffith Park Area but lately had developed an appetite for Chihuahuas. And apparently had been hit by a car recently.
Fun fact: there are a shitload * of pumas in the area. (* relative to what one might think in an area with 20,000,000 people).
Lions in the Santa Monica Mountains - Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service).

Facts & Figures*

  • The National Park Service has studied 112 mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains.
  • We estimate a population of around 10-15 adult and subadult mountain lions (not including kittens) live in the Santa Monica Mountains at any given time.
  • The major causes of death among study animals are vehicle collisions, rodenticide poisoning, and intraspecific strife (mountain lions killing other mountain lions).
  • A total of 32 mountain lions have been struck and killed by vehicles in the study area since 2002.
  • A typical home range is around 150 square miles for adult males and 50 square miles for adult females in our region.
  • Mountain lions typically eat about one deer per week, along with other smaller prey as the opportunity arises. NPS researchers have analyzed more than 700 kills, of which 87% were mule deer (the second-most common prey was coyotes and then raccoons).
  • 28 of 29 mountain lions have tested positive for exposure to one or more anticoagulant rodenticides (rat poison) and seven have died directly of poisoning.
    *as of December 19, 2022

They need to work on killing more coyotes IMO

People should stop feeding the wildlife.

I am glad my idiot neighbors who were feeding the coyotes moved away (well, they -thought- they were feeding the deer (which was also an asshole move), but they also attracted coyotes, which ate neighborhood cats and chickens).

We warned the new neighbors that if they had cats not to let them just wander outside. That was a great way to end up as cat ex-owners.

with their chihuahuas no less!

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Similiarly, a coyote walking around with a deer head. Taken from my son’s trail cam where we hunt deer.

Deer harvest 2022:
Coyotes 1
Space lobster 0

I’ve seen a couple coyotes before from my car, once I was at a traffic light at like midnight just outside of Boston and the biggest coyote I’ve ever seen just casually walks out into the intersection. It was massive.

Only time outside my car was when I was golfing in Arizona, there were some yotes on a little mountain next to the course yipping/howling up a storm. There was a gully in between us and I don’t think they had any interest in us anyway.

Ive heard coyotes going off in the dark, just over a rise while we were tucked into the bush turkey hunting. Not fun at all. Its one thingto hear them in the distance, another to hear them 200 yards away in a pack.