Why would anyone establish a major branch office in Armonk?

Like there’s only 4,500 people living there. Where do they get the staff?

  1. Cheaper rent/buy than Manhattan.
  2. Employees can move there or nearby.
  3. Bigger question is where they’ll eat lunch. Can’t all go to the BeeHive or Made in Asia, after all.

Brown bag it

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Based on satellite images these campuses look pretty big, maybe big enough to have their own cafeterias I guess. But I wonder how people even get there. Or where they even come from actually. Those places don’t look like they are within walking distance to convenient transit.


They allow remote.
I know quite a few living in CT
I pass Armonk when I commute to my office

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Wait are you telling me you drive past more than one city on the way to get to your job? Or take the train that is.

If I were a cybernetically enhanced wallaby hellbent on enslaving humanity, I would set up a secret, underground laboratory and command centre there. :tfh:

We should go for Happy Hour and discuss this.

Well, “town.” Armonk, home of the IBM Corporate Headquarters, isn’t big enough to qualify as a “city” in most eyes. And they probably like it that way. Small town values, expensive restaurants, golf clubs galore, …

I am now full time remote, but for a dozen years I drove 50 miles

Check out Westfield Insurance in Westfield Center, OH. Population 1,195. Businesses include the insurance company, their affiliated bank, the golf course they own, and 2 churches. No grocery store until the next town over. Nearby towns are also small until you get like 45 minutes out.

No idea why somebody would tie themselves to working there daily unless remote.

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TIL that Westfield Center is the name of the town and not the building where Westfield Insurance is located.

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Armonk is fairly close to Stamford, White Plains, Greenwich, and many other places as well. In particular, it’s right next to I-684, the main drag if you drive. There’s also 22, which is a secondary road.

It’s not far from NYC, etc.

I mean, I live in a more insane place, but that’s for someone living, not for placing a company. Armonk is more central.

My grandpa used to work at IBM there.

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Oh wait, you’re in Chicago and you don’t drive – is that your deal?

because it’s very easy to understand if one has a car.


To tap into that sweet sweet nyc talent without having to pay nyc office rents

Yeah, he’s not a fan of driving. Cuz, you know.

if only there was a way to travel distances that were not convenient by a combo of mass transit and on foot. i hope science tackles that soon

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There’s a bus line.

often, these offices have their own shuttle buses to the train station


Now that you mention it, I do remember being on a shuttle the one time I went to a meeting (in a past life) in Armonk.

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