Why is the American movie industry so damn good compared to other countries?

India, China, Japan, UK.

Because we speak the universal language…[THIII]money[/THIII] :money_mouth_face: :dollar: :moneybag:

What do you expect to find in a movie?

I don’t find US movie industry all that good given the entire body of material produced.

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Yeah lots of movies are still crap but the good ones are good.

Seems like it is mostly a numbers game from having the largest economy in the world along with a language that another 25% of the world can speak.

There are a lot of good non-US made movies but there are some really good streaming series.


Because of all of the wonderful Hollywood diversity initiatives, of course.

Because talented folks from all around the world flock to the US cuz that is where the most money is. That influx of talent gives it even more momentum.

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