Why can't we just double the holidays next year?

I think a better way to have gotten people to stay home due to COVID is to just cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and have two of them next year. Why didn’t we do that instead?

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“Why do parents emphasize holidays to their children so much? It’s just a day on a calendar.”

who is officially in charge of “cancelling” holidays? so like if you got the day off from work, oops sorry you gotta work now? i’m not sure what the logistics are to this plan.

I have said for ages that we should do “the holidays” (thanksgiving/xmas) every other year. Annually seems too frequent for the big blowouts they’ve become.

It also seems like every week there is a new holiday: “It’s Dog Day!!” Woohoo!!
Please. EVERY day is Dog Day!

Then birthdays for adults … ugh you’re not 6, no one wants to have a party for you.

Sorry. I’ll get out of my bah humbug mood. :rofl:

I will say though that I really don’t mind the low key and small groups this year. :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, I mean to the extent that they are “holy days” the government obviously can’t tell all of Christianity to cancel Christmas or Easter or tell all Jews to cancel Passover or Yom Kippur or Islam to cancel Ramadan, etc.

And with public sector unions I’m not even sure if they can make it a regular work day for government employees. Although they’d be much closer to within their rights there. But if holidays are spelled out in a union contract that’s a “no” also.

Even if they didn’t give government employees the day off, you can’t legally prevent someone from taking off a religious holiday unless you can prove they are essential for operations. And if you’ve let your employees have the last 150 Christmases off… good luck proving that THIS year is different.

You can pry my first Christmas morning with the kids from my cold, dead hands, corporate America.

I think a bigger issue than christmas or whatever is not being allowed to carry over vacation days when this entire year was a pandemic, so nowhere to really go and might as well just work since i’m busy anyway. to me “christmas” is a day off from work.

You want another Trump? Because cancelling Christmas is how you get another Trump.

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I see some benefit to schools having breaks throughout the year. Having these largely correspond to holidays makes sense. And if the kids are off, it’s nice for the parents to have a few extra days to focus on them.

also, what does “double the holidays” next year mean? we aren’t going to be through this pandemic until something like the summer. so have christmas in July and then again in December? how would it work? July has independence day already. so maybe August? August doesn’t have any holidays. oh wait, we need thanksgiving. it flat out doesn’t work to have thanksgiving in august and then christmas in september. september is for labor day.

Christmas should be in August, not September


There’s actually a new holiday every day. Today is International Mountain Day, National App Day, National Have a Bagel Day, National Noodle Ring Day and Official Lost and Found Day. Oh, and something about Hanukkah.


My aunt does that as an excuse to get relatives to visit

A day to celebrate mountains that are shared by multiple countries?

what about july 4 though? so maybe have july 4 still, and then thanksgiving on like july 20, and then christmas on august 15, then labor day in september. this is a bit crunched together, BUT I THINK IT WILL WORK!

then the normal thanksgiving again in november and christmas in december and Chanukah whenever the Chanukah gods decide.

we already didn’t skip thanksgiving this year, so we don’t need to re-do that. it’s just christmas now.


i don’t celebrate christmas anyway.

If we stop Christmas, Chinese restaurants will go out of business

Next year the Fourth of July will be on July 5th. Otherwise it will be a waste of a Sunday.

Office let me carry over 5 days, but have to use them by 4/30 and I highly doubt I’ll be vaccinated by then. I am planning to take one of them for Passover, no idea what to do with the other 4 but should be nice enough weather to make it worthwhile. I have 2 days remaining this year, no place to go so I’ll just take 4 half days in the final week.