Why are American toilet seats so smooth?

Like there’s no grip, just seems like a slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

Are textured seats common in other countries?

To put your feet in yeah

You put your feet in the toilet? Or a textured area for your feet that is external to the toilet?


Are you telling me that over here people put their butts on surfaces where other people put their butts?

Americans are certainly more touchy-feely, yes.

you should see where they put their tongues!!!

Some people have their own personal toilet seat.

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Whooooo doggies, we’re talking massive texture here!!!

Texture AAAAAND colours!!!



Why did i know that the op was colonel smoothie just based on the thread title?


That yellow section was white when they first bought it.


Because you’re far more likely to get splinters in hard-to-reach places if that seat wasn’t smooth.

Note that I grew up in the mountains of Colorado where many of the Forest Service “facilities” still had wooden seats. Most were “updated” in the early 1990’s.