Who's lying, Biden or the Generals?

Who’s lying, Biden or the Generals?

  • Biden to the American People
  • The Generals under Oath in front of Congress

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Oh look, a thread that matches the current fox news headline.


Its entirely possible no one is lying. After all, Biden did say that no one recommended leaving troops “that I recall”. Its quite likely that the military advisors recommended leaving troops and Biden simply doesn’t remember that they said that.

Biden should have fired the generals until he found someone that fully backed his decision rather than lie about the advice given.

Biden was probably too busy thinking about which flavor of ice cream he was going to choose for his snack before his afternoon nap. Details from Generals are hard to remember…

I can’t imagine there were any generals that DIDN’T say we should leave troops there. That’s what they do and that’s a good part of why we’ve been there for 20 years.


He also doesn’t watch Fox News :lol:

He should probably start watching it just so he knows when he is repeating their BS that happened to telephone to him on social media.

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Did Biden actually lie?

Poll should have been multiple choice or a 2 more options All of the Above and None of the Above.

This poll would be less useless if you provided quotes from each group so we can at least know what you are talking about.

Wait - Generals think the answer is… more troops?

Wow. Never would I have guessed.

Let me guess, they just needed twenty more years.

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My brother (who was a USAF pilot at the time) sent me this: