Who is currently doing a better job?

  • Vice President Kamala Harris
  • Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

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For those who like definitions,

Kamala D. Harris is the Vice President of the United States of America. She was elected Vice President after a lifetime of public service, having been elected District Attorney of San Francisco, California Attorney General, and United States Senator.

Pete Buttigieg currently serves as the 19th Secretary of Transportation, having been sworn in on February 3, 2021. Prior to joining the Biden-Harris Administration, Secretary Buttigieg served two terms as mayor of his hometown of South Bend, Indiana.

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Is there a poll coming for this one?

There’s a pole

I’ve see fewer news stories about Pete. So either he isn’t doing anything or nothing too controversial.

I think I have seen more stories about his husband than about him.

You know how if someone’s been sending the same report every day for years, they’ll stop sending it for a couple months and if no one notices they decide they might as well stop producing the report? What if someone has a job, like a federal cabinet-level job, and doesn’t show up for a couple months? If no one notices, do we really need that cabinet level position?

Or maybe after 2 months of not sending the report, something big time is messed up. Maybe it’s the ports. Maybe it’s something else. Probably means we do need the report. Should we replace the guy in charge of the report?

I don’t know what either of them do and have no idea if they are doing good per se. I would say the Biden admin needs a really good PR person though. They have thus far been catastrophic at managing public perception of what is going on. This is politics so they should all be doing that to an extent thus none of them are really doing a good job. In fact IMO Biden’s only goal was to make sure Trump does not get elected in 2024 and I would say he is failing miserably at achieving that goal.


That’s what you want out of your multi-trillion dollar government ? Good PR?

Why hold them to a lower standard than Exxon Mobil?

Is this in reference to Pete Buttigieg’s parental leave?

Just the latest in a series of RW bringing us Fox News outrage.

Five days in… two votes and it’s a tie. I am riveted.