Where would you place yourself on the political spectrum?

While no one (typically) fits perfectly into one political bucket, which one is closest to the one you would put yourself in?

  • Libertarian
  • Lean left
  • Strong left
  • Lean right
  • Strong right
  • Authoritarian
  • I have 42 differing political opinions

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Hmmmm I voted and either there is a glitch on thus forum or with my phone cause I saw my vote and then it disappeared in the results and wont let me vote again

Can you click the “show vote” button on the bottom to bring you back to poll options and try again?

I changed my vote and changed it back and now it seems to appear in the tally. Weird

Weird. I see it now at least.

Historically speaking, I’d put myself pretty close to the center. I’ve drifted a bit to the left, I suppose, on being fiscally conservative. In the current climate, I feel like the right has drifted further right, so I’m calling myself ‘lean left’ in 2021.

Where’s the gay left option

I feel similarly. Used to vote more R than D. Nowadays I vote much more D than R. But it feels like the R party left me more than I left them.


I don’t even know what this means

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I voted “lean left”. I would have voted “strong left”, but on the internet at least, strong left means Marxism.

In the real world, I’m left most people.

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Gay whales should get free marijuana and socialized healthcare.

Joking, but in the window of American politics I consider myself strong left, I’m for socialized healthcare, LGBT rights, universal pre-K, and reduced military.

Also universal daycare pre-pre-K, food stamps should be on a graduated system by income, not a cutoff, reasonable controls on gun ownership (don’t support a full ban and it will never happen anyway), availability of safe abortions, free birth control, no tax on menstrual products, decriminalization of marijuana and pro-research into hallucinogenics (despite never having taken one, can’t deny they show promise for some cases.)

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I’m rich left. How’s that.

Maybe rich gay left

Pretty much the same. Universal healthcare and universal pre-K are such obvious wins. Outside of that I’m just a social justice warrior I guess. Respecting diversity is also a win and doesn’t even cost us anything.

I just updated my post with a second paragraph, so as not to put words in your mouth retroactively. I am also big about diversity but didn’t know how I would snappily frame that politically, that gets into a complex discussion about policing and racism. I think racism is bad, I’ll leave that there.

Gay people only exist in June, which is when they have a month to celebrate their existence.

Apparently Columbus Day/Indigenous people day is now national coming out day.

I put strong left but I hate high taxes cuz I have $$

isn’t that libertarian?

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It is? No idea. I thought Bernie was libertarian but he’s called a socialist.