Where is ignore list?

Struggling to find it but I know there’s a way. How do you ignore someone in this forum software?

Never mind found it.

Someone please post it anyway as a public service. (Someone besides Snikelfritz, since he may not see the request.)

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When I clicked on the user name of the poster I wanted to ignore, towards top right there was an option to ignore them, and it gave a time option.

ETA, clicked name, then clicked again to get to thier profile.

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You can also go to your user profile, preferences, then on the right side there’s a drop down for users which then gives you the option.

My cool HS friend once gave me a sound advice: blocking people is the dumbest thing you can do


who did you ignore?

I understand the theory, but in practice, careful use of the ignore function has made my life much more pleasant.

Although - I don’t think there is anyone on my ignore list that still posts here. When they did, it was nice not to know about it though.


I’ve used the temporary function.

Who said that???


never gets old


I think I’ve had 2 or 3 people on ignore here. One has stopped posting entirely. Another I probably ought to put back on ignore, and permanently, but I struggle with those decisions more than I should.

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I’m back to 2 now, was at 0 for a while. I like getting to decide what I read, life’s to short to bother reacting to people looking for a reaction.


I think of the times when people pointed out when I was unintentionally being hurtful, and the premise that when people know better, they do better. But then there are people like you stated above.


i’m too nosey to use the ignore feature. i like knowing when awful people say awful hurtful things just to get a rise out of everyone to remind myself that i’m super glad i don’t actually work with them and that my company dodged that bullet.

Who said that?!?!?!?! HA! HA! HA! NEVER.GETS.OLD!!!

…or maybe it does

:iatp: …although I haven’t made much use of that particular function here.

In the discussion boards I participate in, there are a few people who manage to get under my skin. Rather than let them live there and waste time and energy in being tempted to respond, probably pointlessly…

I used it more on the AO. There aren’t as many people here at the moment, and they mostly are pretty reasonable.


Hate them. However, recognize that you have full control over the effects they have over you. Never give someone that kind of power over you.

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