Where is everybody

I need @SpaceLobster to post an update on the search terms so we can see if we’ve had any impact.

Have you been searching for “blue khakis” again?

Screenshot from 2022-08-08 14-12-41

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Admin stuff. No idea what I’m supposed to do with the info, other than sometimes I see some unexpected stuff in there.

:popcorn: Go on…

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annoyed with your salary? word!

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We are getting spammed pretty consistently. What theyre doing now is finding threads on stuff they want to.spam links,register a username, then posting a somewhat reasonable comment generally something like a testimonial, with a link. It often requires a doubletake before im sure its a spammer. But if you see a ‘new poster’ notification thats got a link in their first post, spammer.

Theyre good enough that at least one of them, the mods werent certain if they were a spammer or not.

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I hear that a Noid might be looking for a new gig, perhaps as an insurance mascot.


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Thanks for sharing the updates! I had searched for my username a bunch of times, but it looks like it didn’t make the list. I also searched for “annoyed” way more than the 11 times that it increased from the last screenshot, so I guess the searches only count once from each person?

I also like that the Click Through Rate (CTR) dropped from 100% to 86% on “annoyed” searches, meaning that people were just searching the term, probably just to bump it up on this list that only you can see. You’re welcome.

Next we need to start a private message group and decide on another search term we want to make the list so SL can get surprised again.

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Just checking in - sometimes i disappear unannounced.

I’m resisting the urge to continually search the word penis now.

Where is everybody’s penis?


i was out of town and away from the machine a fair amount

Geez, I go out of town one weekend and the traffic falls off so much that SL starts a thread on it?

I’m not all there.

I’ve been on vacation.
I know people don’t get on the GoA unless I’m on.