Where is everybody

Traffic down by half this week. Where’s everybody at? Working or something?

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Didn’t the week just start?


What is the definition of “traffic” in this context?

Can we also please define “week” in this context?


Also, when you say “by half”, are you comparing against a single prior point in time, or are you comparing against some sort of historical average? Or maybe against some benchmark that takes into account the number of registered users on this site?

When you say “everybody”, what exactly do you mean? In this context of course.

Waiting for SL to post in the Annoyed Thoughts thread.

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or even post counts

I’ve got one nerve left and you people are getting on it!

Really the fault is mine. Should’ve expected this.

Also ‘annoyed’ is #1 trending search term on the site right now. I can see why.

Screenshot from 2022-08-08 12-09-58

Well, I honestly do not know what you mean by traffic. Could be posts, could be views, could be number of viewers. If you provide me a definition, I will speculate (NOT accuse!) the answer.

“Trending” over how long a period?
A trending search term will be for finding a thread that hasn’t been posted to in a while, whatever “a while” might mean. Thread just pushed too far down the list or something.

Anywho, I’m going to guess that at this time some specific posters are on an airplane and cannot post or view.

Is that something only you can see, or can normal site users see it too? Now I want to just search for “annoyed” a bunch of times to keep it at the top.

I just did a bunch of searches. Did that change anything? I’m curious if one person searching for the same term over and over changes your report, or if it has to be from multiple users.

Challenge: Accepted

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Maybe banning the russian bots is hurting traffic?

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