Where Do We Go From Here?

Here is the question of the day: Where do we go from here? This election is going to leave a stain on American politics no matter what. Biden has already decided he won’t run in 2024 so either way we will be selecting 2 nominees then and that process will start almost as soon as the midterm elections are over in 2022. I think everyone in America is wondering what kind of country do I live in right now? Yesterday on a House Democrat call the entire delegation was angry and one middle of the road incumbent said the words socialism and defunding police better never be f***ing mentioned again if we want to win elections.

Is the Trump coalition permanant? Why isn’t there a federal home for drug reform and specifically marijuana legalization? Is healthcare access for all permanently back burnered? How are the courts going to change the landscape moving forward? Is there anything that can respect free speech and press but reign in the false information that is out there?

He has? It wouldn’t surprise me given his age, but where did you read/hear that?

I think the Libertarian Party is that home.

I believe he stated it in a Democratic primary debate as well.

I think Trump will run again in 2024, and will likely win. But he’ll be very very old, and fat.

Don’t worry, his doctor can write him a note.

He initially stated a 1 term intent back in the primary season as ‘transitional candidate’ was a good pitch for the party, but then backed off that comment in the general election after being accused of being a tool of the left (he didnt seem like the leader of the party at the time).

Now that the election is over, I think he can go back to 1 term and admitting he really is just the trans candidate to get us off trump. I really do think he struggled down the stretch of a 18 month campaign at the age of 78. His campaign handled it well and it looks like he will win, but to ask the same of an 82 yr old biden is a long stretch. Dems should be thankful Biden was able to cross the finish line in 2020, that was a LOT to ask of him and he did it, but dont ask him to do it again.

Rs are in a tight spot with trump… if they denounce him and go a different direction Trump could sink the party hard by running independent. Best case scenario for Rs is that he dies at this point and we can naturally move on.

Dementia could set in too. That would be nice.

anything that would get him out of the pollical realm is fine

how about Paul Ryan vs Harris in 2024?

No more trumps, Clintons, 70+ yr old grudge laden politics. just admit that as a country we F’ed up in 2016, gave up 2020 to correct it, and now moving on in 2024

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No coalition will ever be permanent - things always change over time. But Trumpism is not going away soon. I agree that the left has to tone down their message if they want more moderates to choose their side over the MAGA crazies. By canceling out anyone who doesn’t agree with their views of diversity and inclusion, they end up being perceived as smug intellectuals who are out of touch with the real world.

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS. Or at least something that revolves around policy instead of personality and vilification of the “other” side.

Actually I think the left needs to really look at their message and see what’s wrong with it. The message isn’t just diversity and inclusion. Its the results of the ways they go about trying to reach those worthy goals. Its also the results of the economic policies they pursue.

I loathe the religious right as a bunch of holier than thou hypocrites. The far left isn’t any better about that. I vote with the right because I believe the economic policies they favor do some good and a lot less damage than the leftist policies. The social policies of both groups are shortsighted and damaging, just in different ways.

I agree.

IF Biden wins, Trump is not going away. He lost by a tiny fraction of all votes in the midst of a pandemic.

Trump will be the presumptive 2024 nominee. 90% of Rs support him. He’ll be tweeting every day. He’ll be on TV. He’ll find ways to monetize his outrage. He will do his best to dominate the news cycle every day. He will suck all the oxygen from other R potential candidates. He will copyright his next slogan and set up a campaign organization on Jan 21 (if not sooner). He’ll be raising money.

The MSM would love to ignore him, but they won’t be able to.

I cannot handle this level of stress today.

I’d love to get to the point where we could actually discuss real (not fictitious, created for political impact) policies.

That’s already happened and not a deal breaker for many. I really believe that… not just saying it to be mean. He seems far less coherent now than he did in 2016.

He always acted like an asshole but now he acts like an asshole with mild dementia that is only going to get worse.

Ugh on both sides.

How about Rand Paul vs Amy Klobuchar?

2.8% is close but not THAT close.

Presidents that won with less than 2.8% of the popular vote:

1824: John Quincey Adams (-10.44)
1876: Rutherford Hayes (-3)
2016: Donald Trump (-2.09)
1888: Benjamin Harrison (-0.83)
2000: George W Bush (-0.51)
1880: James Garfield 0.09
1960: John F Kennedy 0.17
1884: Grover Cleveland 0.57
1968: Richard Nixon 0.7
1844: James Polk 1.45
1976: Jimmy Carter 2.06
2004: George W Bush 2.46

12 out of 49 elections.

So Biden’s popular vote margin isn’t unusually close… unlike Trump’s in 2016.

And Biden still has a chance to breach 3% which would potentially put him ahead of Cleveland’s 2nd win and Wilson’s 2nd win.

Obama in 2012 was 3.86% and Biden will probably not reach that.

I mean that it could become un-hidable. Like the difference between Reagan in 1988 (when it could be hidden) and 1994 (when he announced it publicly).

“Tiny Fraction” in this case means marginal losses in several states. CA’s 33%-65% loss wipes out all that when looking at “popular vote” counts, which are irrelevant.