Where are you planning on travelling this year?

Very sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you. Hope she is out and about soon.


Oh, no. I’m so sorry!


Hope she recovers quickly and fully.


Most hunting bows will do about the same amount of damage as most firearms in terms of “bringing down” the animal. Unless you hit their heart directly, you are most likely going to be tracking the animal for quite some time, either until they get too weak to continue or you get another good shot at them. Hunting elk with my dad as a youth, we once spent five hours tracking an elk that we know we hit.

Granted that you generally have to get closer to the animal to take a shot with a bow than you would with most (hunting) firearms, but one advantage of using bow and arrows over firearms is that more of the meat is useable.

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I just booked a family vacation to Maui for the end of July.


See ya there, we land July 30. Staying in Kihei.

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I would love to go to Hawaii right now.

But the flights from Europe…eek.

We are headed to San Sebastian (Spain) and Munich (Germany) in July.


Yeah, makes very little sense for you to go to Hawaii when you have amazing beaches much closer. Plus you’d spend a looong time on a plane, nah. Just hit a Greek Island, Spain, whatever.

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Nice. We are off to Toronto Wednesday. Beaches are not as nice as Maui but it is just a family visit.


san francisco, bermuda, hawaii, phoenix, cayman are the next 5 trips on the list. there may be some added

We’re just wrapping up a road trip today. Went to Grand canyon (north rim), Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Cedar Breaks. Driving home from Vegas today.

Lots of great scenery, and we got mostly lucky with weather. Drove through some thunderstorms, but only got rained/hailed on a couple of times in RMNP.


TAN: Get any poker in?

Naw we just chilled at the pool in the 110 degree heat. I haven’t played at a casino in forever.

The rake is nice enough. Really forces me to change strategy regarding pre-flop raises. Limping is not cost-prohibitive there. Around L.A., you don’t enter unless you’re raising or calling a raise.

We’re also staying in Kihei. Perhaps we’ll pass you in the airport, as we’re heading back home on the 30th. My spouse and kids have never been to Hawaii, and I’ve not been for over 20 years. A couple of old college roommates live there, so it’ll be good to get to see them, too.


We will be off to London in early September for our annual pilgrimage to spend two weeks with our middle daughter, her partner and our youngest granddaughter.

We are going to add on a third week where my wife and I will go somewhere easily accessible from London; preferably not involving a plane trip.

I want to take trains to Barcelona. My wife wants to go to Norway or Scotland. We want an active holiday and are veteran independent travellers. Any suggestions for “off-the-beaten” track adventures?

We had tentatively planned a trip to Minsk and Kiev a few years back (cities where my wife’s respective paternal grandparents lived prior to emigrating to the US) but COVID intervened and those cities are now off-limits due to Putin’s ambitions.

Would appreciate hearing of any special places you have visited where we could settle in for a week of active holidaying.



Trip to NC mountains later this month, always a welcome respite from the heat in July here. It’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler there.

I love Barcelona, but that’s a fairly long haul by train from London. I have never been to Scandinavia but would love to.

Since you mentioned being active and independent, and would prefer not to get on a plane, one vacation idea I’ve had on my list for a while the next time I go to London is to do a multi day inn to inn hike. There are quite a few scenic multi-day trails in the UK.

Here’s one article with a few that might whet your appetite if this is your kind of thing: The best of the UK’s most epic walking trails in 2-3 days | United Kingdom holidays | The Guardian

More ideas:

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If you’re leaving Britain, look into Tours, France: wine, biking, castles, all along rivers

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We were looking into taking a Viking Rhine cruise. Goes for a week and each day it stops at a new town for you to walk (bicycle?) around. Plus there’s wine drinking.

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