What's your D&D alignment IRL?

A YouGov poll asked people to identify their D&D alignment in real life. As you might expect, very few people think of themselves as evil. Most place themselves in the good categories. Where do you fall? Is this poll worthy?

  1. How familiar were the respondents to the D&D definitions of these alignments?

  2. What definitions were actually presented to respondents for the two implied dimensions?

  3. Similar to the previous, how exactly was this “poll” presented to respondents? Was it “pick one of these nine options”? Was it “pick one of these three” for one dimension, then a separate pick for the other dimension?

  4. In what order were the options presented?

  5. It would also be interesting to see how their “political affiliations” correlate to their self-identified alignments.

Answers to a few of your questions, and more:

Some demographic detail:

Question on good/neutral/evil:

Question on lawful/neutral/chaotic:

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I probably would have been happier in life if I had hung out with the D&D people instead of trying to be friends with the Asian kids

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no idea what chaotic good is or what lawful evil is, but I’m probably one of those

How did you decide on polar opposites?

I have no idea what I’m reading.

Without actually seeing the questions but just the statements people agreed with I think I most relate with Neutral Good…

I waver between neutral good and chaotic good.

I’m lawful chaotic

It’s a good description of how people think of themselves.

"Hmmm I steal, bully, abuse, cheat on my spouse, abandon my children…

But I’m still a good guy at heart, not to mention I believe in God so…"

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Whereas I think I’m a rebel…but I’ve never been arrested.

For those unfamiliar with D&D alignments, Google served up this link:

On good days, I’m Neutral Good. On bad days, I’m Lawful Neutral.

I think I’m True Neutral. Maybe Neutral Evil if I’m sassy.

Some quack psychologists should be able to create a test to put people in these boxes.

A D&D one has not yet been created.

After reading @Maphistos_Sidekick explanation I am true neutral.

Yes, based on your posting here, that would be how i would tag you.

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If you do not recognize the evil in the system, your lawful good may be lawful evil. So many LEOs fall into this trap.

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the way they define lawful makes it seem like a bad thing tbh

I wonder if most people would consider actuaries to be lawful evil. We’re basically priests of the FIRE economy.