What's up with drivers these days?

Uhhh, so I had to use my car to go get like, an oil change or something. So after inflating my tires and jump starting my battery I got on the highway and man these people are crazy. I got cut off several times and I see people doing weird shit like driving in the breakdown lane.

Did everyone become loonies or did I miss the memo on something? Or maybe I’m just seeing the past with rose tinted glasses and it was always like this.

Drivers took advantage of lack of traffic during the pandemic to pick up bad habits, which they haven’t unlearned now that volume has returned.

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I see a lot of players using drivers to hit the golf ball all the way to the green on 18 this weekend at St Andrews.


Can’t answer that for wherever you live, I know where I am in the South drivers have always been bad. At least now with more people WFH rush hour is not as bad.

I find rush hour worse now because people are afraid of taking transit so everybody’s driving.

In L.A., the subway has too many homeless (and randomly crazy) people. This was happening before COVID, though.

and the subway sucks. NYC has just as many homeless people but that never stopped people from using the subway, cuz it actually goes to places.

Mass transit has limited coverage where I live so I don’t think it’s had a material impact on the number of drivers.

From what I’ve heard there are lots of New Yorkers that would rather deal with traffic and parking than take the subway. Combination of higher crime and trauma from the pre-vax days.

They keep getting better and better IMO. My driver I bought this year goes about 10 yards further on my best swings than the driver I bought just 3 years ago.

So… you don’t need that “old” driver?

Asking for a friend.


In ATL that’s because most of them moved here from the NE.

Unfortunately (for you) I have a 16 year old son getting into the game. He gets first dibs on the old gear.

I’ve been witnessing people leaving their dogs in the car with a window cracked. My tool bag now has a nail punch in it. I hope I don’t see that again.

In the northeast the bad driving is controlled somewhat by the fact that if you cut someone off you get some combination of honking, headlights flashed and the Massachusetts state bird. This enforcement mechanism is not normally used down in the “polite” south so bad driving goes unchecked.