What's the best schedule for mammograms to screen for breast cancer?

Does that screen for cancer somehow? Or just checks for blood in the stool or something else?



No idea.
But, I think (as I do a lot) that it checks for shit (literally!!) in the stool. Cancer shit.

Cologuard tests for colon cancer by identifying abnormal DNA and traces of blood in the stool that precancerous polyps and colon cancer can cause.

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Sorry to derail the mammogran topic with all the colonoscopy discussion.

US now recommends screening starts at age 45. I have my first at 51 coming soon (I think when I was 45 it was still 50, but then I hit 50 and…covid delayed). I am mostly healthy and no family history. Doc was not born in the US and mentioned that the US seems to favor the annual 'scope while europe/UK use the DTNF PIAC method. I think I will land on the 3 yr schedule of 'scopes and interim PIAC. Doc sees no problem with that.

Did my first PIAC last year, way older than your age, no issues. Glad it was covered as preventive, as I have a High-Deductible+Savings plan.

Anywho, back to screenings in general: if they’re covered by insurance, then get them. No, I do not practice what I preach.

So colonoscopies are covered 100% if they are wellness related. I did the PIAC one year, but I got the test info directly from the insurance co. The next year they didn’t have it on their website. The PIAC is supposed to be done every year.

If you do the PIAC and then need a follow up colonoscopy, now the colonoscopy is not a wellness test, so it is not covered at 100%.

Knowing that, when my PCP bugged me about needing a colonoscopy, I took the referral and got it done, and now I don’t need THAT for another 8.5 years. I think. I’m blanking on which year it was.

given that you obviously know nothing about the downside of breast cancer screenings in terms of false positives, you really shouldn’t offer this blanket advice.


I think my aunt did the poop test (per my mom’s request after my grandpa passed from colon cancer), and got positive results, and then died within one year.

I think by the time you have blood in your poop it’s already too late?? Who knows.

I like being put under for the colonoscopy. Gimme that sedative.

I hated it. I woke up with an unshakable feeling that I’d nearly died, and I had PTSD symptoms for a couple of weeks, and couldn’t sleep. Next one will be wide awake.

I did a colonoscopy awake once before, and it’s not bad. Much less painful than a bunch of stuff that they don’t even offer to sedate you for.

Yeah, I imagine it’s pretty much the same feeling when you get euthanized. I mean there’s no difference. You black out, and then the next second you’re back awake. If you never wake up it’s not like you’d know. This is the way to exit the world for sure.

No, I felt a sense that time had passed, and that I’d been physically violated. (It was for an upper endoscopy, not a colonoscopy) And the sore throat and painful jaw reinforced the feeling that I’d been physically violated. It was really bad. I’m honestly terrified of sedation at this point.

I’ve had horror stories from every breast cancer screening I’ve had post 40, and horror stories from my one colonoscopy and my one endoscopy…so i’m not too keen on doing any of these things again.

lol you would think one shouldn’t go blind from an upper endoscopy, right? THINK AGAIN!

I had that the first time I was put under (they do colonoscopy and endoscopy together while you’re sedated at my place). I got a really bad sore throat then even eventually got sick from the sore throat.

That didn’t happen the second time. I think sometimes they can get too rough with the endoscope. Because you’re put under they have no indication if they’re hurting you.

I didn’t know that was an option. I wonder what fraction of knoath’s 1.6% of complications are from the sedation and how much are from the actual colonoscopy.

I guess for me it would depend on exactly what they DO give you if you opt to stay awake. Valium and a narcotic might be ok.

I had a similar procedure to a colonoscopy, called a sigmoidoscopy, done a bunch of years ago when I had an unexplained issue they were trying to diagnose (tangent: score one for my chiropractor, who fixed the problem that the doctors couldn’t figure out).

I think it’s basically a colonoscopy where they don’t go up quite as far. Same prep as a colonoscopy.

I was awake though. They gave me Valium and something for the pain, but I don’t recall what. It was unpleasant, but I got through it. I’ve never been under general anesthesia, so I have no idea how it compares.


I did colonoscopy awake the very first time when I was in my 20s. It was terrible. So much air was pushed in and it hurt so much that the doctor couldn’t examine everything.

And I’m gay!

Oops, knoath’s 1.6%… correcting post now.


Yeah, I don’t think that really makes much difference! No one is used to having stuff shoved up their large intestine.

You are 100% wrong.

But I’ll try to keep this PG.

If curious, google is your friend.

And by large I mean entire arm, sometimes both.