What's for Lunch?

One of my favorite Mexican joints has pozole as the special. This, this is what I needed today.

I think leftover pasta.

leftover homemade lasagna I had frozen (that I overheated to thermonuclear status) … classic case of overestimating to try to avoid cold middle

hopefully you hadn’t eaten yet - as in I am planning to have leftover pizza
as opposed to the scarier thought,
I just ate something out of the fridge, which I believe to be leftover pizza

turkey chili

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
All of it.
Wait three weeks
Rinse repeat

Pasta not pizza. We had ravioli last night.
I actually haven’t eaten yet bc I wasn’t hungry. Hubby and girls went to lunch and I said they should text me where they were going (daughter that doesn’t live here was picking) and I would say if I wanted something from there. But they never texted and now I’m hungry. I could get up and heat my pasta…

Eta — I said pasta not ravioli bc I couldn’t think of the word ravioli and now I’ve self diagnosed early onset dimentia.

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and somehow I saw pizza, same sentiment as to tense

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I slapped some cheese onto a slice of homemade bread and toasted it up. So gooood!!! :yum:

Look out for wasps.

The wasps better stay the fluff away from my lunch, if they know what’s good for them!!! :angry:

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Check for the presence or absence of lettuce on gyros.

Didn’t pack today, so trying to decide what’s for lunch. Might be Sheetz run. Or I could walk and check out the newly remodeled UDF. (= United Dairy Farmers, a regional convenience store)

Garlic dip/sauce with veggies from the local Middle Eastern restaurant.

Wanted a walk so I checked out the UDF. It’s pretty nice in there now! (Although some of the customers there didn’t smell so nice. :nauseated_face:) Got a chicken cheese empanada, a veggie pork egg roll, and a pack of freeze-dried strawberry/banana chips.

Walmart salad and korean beef dumplings

Quesabirria tacos, mmmmm


Dim sum!!! :yum:

Avgolemono soup. It’s a dreary, drizzly, soup kind of day.