Whatever happened to that dude

You know the one who was all like ayyy lmao and obsessed with fruit

I dunno, but my friends list is shorter without him.

I have no idea who you’re talking about. Who was obsessed with fruit?

you’re really losing it

I remember someone saying ayyy but not the rest.

same, nothing about fruit.

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I took this to mean Grape, and other fruit relatives of the AO. Perhaps I N’d the wrong R?

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ooooh grape.

yeah, he doesn’t appear to be on here. grape has graced us with his presence in smoothie’s discord once in a while, but smoothie doesn’t grace us with his own presence in his own discord.

Wasn’t there a paster Ayyy with a Fonzie avatar?

Yup. I think the ID was Aaaaeeyy or something like that.

Is that the ‘dude’ to which the OP was referring?

Oh yeah, this makes sense. I don’t know what that has to do with fruit though. I don’t get that connection still.

ya, that’s who i thought that smoothie was referring to initially, but grape says ayyy and is a fruit, so that makes sense.

oh yeah, that grape dude

what he do

He’s in your discord. So am I.

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I thought Discord was for pre-teens playing video games

Wasn’t one of Aaaaey’s (sic) threads Taco Bell Appreciation? I think that’s what I remember most about him. Not so much fruit, or matrix algebra.

Naw, Discord is great for groups to collaborate, whether playing games or doing other stuff. It’s also good for generally keeping in touch with people.

I’m probably in a dozen discords, only one of which is used for gaming.

I’m too much of an introvert to let strangers hear my voice.