Whatever happened to Elmo?

IIRC, we had a tickle-me elmo that was getting mailed around the continent. Where’d that ever end up?
Also down memory lane, earlier this year I was at a local shop getting some embroidered company stuff done, and they had on display those little etch and sketch with the AO logo on it.
I guess red swinglines are out, nobody uses paper anymore.

I still have my Red Swingline stapler, and I have no idea what happened to Traveling Elmo after L. Mo and I took it to Vegas circa 2003.

Actually, I wonder if my spouse doesn’t have my red swingline. Not that I want it back.
So Travelling Elmo ended up in a ditch by the sounds of it.

Sounds like he happened in Vegas and stayed in Vegas.

L. Mo definitely passed him on, I just can’t remember to whom.

Have you looked in the tub of jello for that Swingline?