What to do with computer?

My son upgraded to a mac laptop so the computer I built for him freed up. I’m sick of looking at it in my office.
It’s a ‘decent’ machine with a decent processor, low-mid range graphics card, and an absolute beast of a case that’s meant for those DIY’ers that do watercooling and the like. No bites on selling it on marketplace. No need to upgrade any of my desktops; the one I’m trying to get rid of is better than what I’m using, but I don’t need that level of horsepower.
Don’t know anyone that needs one; I asked around a few months ago when i was trying to get rid of some laptops.
So I either give it away, or it sits in my office gathering dust. Can’t think of any hobby type things to use it for around the house.

Dude… Help find a cure for COVID-19, Cancer, Ebola, AIDS, and other stuff …you’re in last place among active users. Put those spare electrons to work for the good of humanity.


You can send it to me :slight_smile:

Bitcoin mining.

Or, try calling a local non-profit (do they have though in Canada?) and seeing if they have interest in it or know of another organization that might.

Til learned the waterwheel downtown isn’t there anymore and hasn’t been for a while.
The town has had north America’s largest operational waterwheel for decades. They pulled it down to replace it.
I should probably glance to the right next time I go downtown lol.