What’s next for Liz Cheney?

Many Wyoming Republicans don’t like her and she and her dad don’t like many Republicans. Her ostensibly principled approach to sticking it to Trump is going to have her lose the primary so she’s self-immolated her political career in the short term. What do you think she does next?

  • Book deal
  • Lobbyist or private industry job
  • POTUS/House run as Ind to siphon Republican votes
  • TV host (CNN?)
  • Democratic staffer or swap parties
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Books and TV.

The books and TV will be consumed mainly by people she does not identify with politically, bc they will contain enough bad things said about the foes they have in common (trumpists).

“Swap parties” … is Roger Stone involved?

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I’d drop the first word.

Perhaps “Obstinately”?


While many Democrats would admire her sticking to principles, she is too conservative to be welcomed into the Democratic party.


Her dad is Dick Cheney, and is likewise ostensibly principled, so I’d hesitate to drop it.

I agree with this. Who knows, the DCCC may even be funding her primary rival!

I strongly doubt that. They have funded some bad Republicans in the primaries, but I think only in situations where the Democrat was going to have a decent shot in the general election, which doesn’t seem like Wyoming.


Book deal. Maybe an influencer in the revolution once Trump becomes dictator.

Where’s the 42? Why are all your options presuming she’s dead in the water?

I think it depends on whether Democrats decide to save her in the primary. I don’t know what interesting races may be on the Dem primary ballot, but if enough Wyoming Dems decide to be Republican for a day then they could save her. It’s not looking good though!

Cheney/kinzinger 2024.

This ticket would not have a chance in either party or as an independent run, but if independent could draw enough GOP votes to tank a Trump ticket

They will run just to keep Trump out as long as the polls show that as the outcome.

It’s true that we should have a holiday or a day of remembrance or something for the folks that are giving up their futures to keep Democracy alive right now.

I realize that this thread is about shitting on them, but it does raise a good point. How should we honor people like Cheney who abandoned the herd?


I have troubles with this concept (assuming you are not being sarcastic).

How do we celebrate someone for being a decent human being?

For accomplishing a minimal level of unselfishness?

For actually caring about democracy?

It is weird, because this should not be something that we need to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the Republican party has taken things to this extreme where the vast majority of elected officials at all levels care more about kissing Trump’s ass to protect their ride of the money train.


She is blowing up her political career to be a decent human being. I think that goes above and beyond what is typical, and deserves praise.

And not just, “what is typical of Republicans today”. I think is unusual for people to do the right thing when it is very costly to do so. I assume she is wealthy enough that she’ll do fine, even if she is effectively retiring right now. That’s one of the reasons she can afford to do it.


It’s hard to explain, exactly. There’s a lot that comes from abandoning a team that you have sworn to lead. You lose friends, principles, influence, wealth, status, identity. You become hated by the people you chose to serve. It’s so much easier to make excuses for why you need to continue to lead.

In any case switching sides is plainly something not many people do. Even when the stakes are small, not many Republicans switched over, unless they were personally affected by Trump, because at a minimum you have to admit that you were wrong and that your friends and family and community are wrong.

More generally, whenever there is a war (as there is right now), it’s not like the bad guys all realize that they’re bad and quit fighting. That never happens. Instead the bad guys all tell themselves they are in fact good guys, or some other bs that helps them sleep at night. This is similar.


Is it possible that her sanctimony is simply overblown? Her father, who is not a good person, made the hyperbolic statement that Trump was the greatest threat to America’s republic ever, more than Benedict Arnold, more than the Confederacy, more than Senator Joe McCarthy. For me, it’s already difficult to take anything this family says at face value, and the hyperbole doesn’t really help. To me it reads more like Neocon/Democrat fan fic than actual concern for the country.

While I think the statement may be an exaggeration, I think it may be closer to the truth than many statements made in the political arena.