What percentage of days to you (or your SO) make the bed

Percentage of days my bed gets made up.
  • Never
  • 1-25
  • 26-50
  • 51-75
  • 76-100
  • Always.

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I’d also like to preemptively ignore any complaints about having both a 100% and always option.

And I’ve voted always, as my SO always makes the bed. Left to my own devices, the answer would be never because there’s no point other than appearances.

and that might be the only answer, I can’t vote


Same. Also, need a define “making the bed” thread :laughing:


What kind of Russian poll is this!?


These poll choices too…

Absolutely surprised at this poll result!!

I’ve just unlocked the poll.

If @SpaceLobster intended that as a joke, tough nuggies. He didn’t let me in on it.

I appreciate my bed making frequency anonymity

My SO makes the bed every single day. If it were me, I would make the bed only if the sheets and covers were so far askew that it was absolutely necessary to do so

Same with me. He likes it made so he makes it. I’m less about appearances and more about clean. So while he makes it every morning, I’m the one making sure sheets are rotated regularly and the duvet cover gets washed.

I read and shared where it was better to not make your bed because it allows more air to dry out the surface you sleep on between sleeps which is cleaner. Didn’t fly. :woman_shrugging:

Do you make a bed in a hotel? Either neaten it before the housekeeping or if you bypass housekeeping

I went to a summer camp run by someone who believed this. We were required to turn our beds down when we got up in the morning, and then make them after breakfast.

I never make the bed unless I change sheets. My wife makes the bed from time to time between those changes. She’s way more ambitious than me.

My wife insists on the bed being made. My being WFH means that I have all the time in the world to make the bed before she comes home from her work. So, yeah, I’m doing it four times a week (she’s off three days), but I prefer the sheets be aired out, so I wait until about an hour before she comes home.
My wife’s insistence comes from her upbringing in which her parents required that beds be made. Or else.
My mom didn’t require it when I was growing up.

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time to get a live in maid guys

Turn down for what?


I make the bed every day.

I like to lay my clothes out on the bed before I shower. I like the bed made to do this.

Also I like getting into a made bed when I sleep.

just one of those things I care about the the wife doesn’t. So if I want it done, I gotta do it.

I’m like George - I don’t like the blankets tucked. So, if I do make the bed (which is rare), I just lay everything out neatly on top.