What is the real harm of doing things too fast in a relationship

you might end up married w/ three kids and watching RiffTrax: Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine 92017) and typing about it to a bunch of actuaries 27 years later.


should start at 1:06…& then (you should) skip to 3:15.

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How much emotional baggage does one want to take to the next relationship?

IMO, that’s a key consideration in “how fast” one moves in a relationship.

What do you mean? Are you already planning for your next relationship before you do anything with the current one?

Thread question, to me, implies a “new relationship” and I’ve been happily married for over 20 years; so nothing in this thread will really apply to me in the near future.

But when you’re starting a new relationship, one should at least be forward looking and take into consideration that the current relationship just might not work out. So how much emotional baggage do you want to take with you to the next relationship if it doesn’t work out.

I would assume that the answer to this question is likely not going to be the same for two randomly chosen people.

Oh, 100%.

I’m more commenting on the “general advice” from the populace that you don’t want to take things too fast.

In general, that’s because those people have been burned themselves.

Then again, that’s pretty much all relationship advice. All personal anecdotes.

What about:

I love you!
Let’s move in together!
Let’s combine out bank accounts!
Let’s make each other life insurance beneficiaries!


After first date, why not?

Let’s not forget to draw out the Relationship Agreement which indicates when coitus can happen.


The ultimate relationship level

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But when is too soon? What are people waiting for? Life is too short to be waiting.

depends who owns the policy. need insurable interest, right?

I got married in 11 months. Not the person to comment here. My thoughts at that time were, it’s my life I’ll do what I want. We’ll have our 19th anniversary this year so things have worked out just fine.

Also JSM given your prior feelings on marriage and committed relationships this topic kind of surprises me from you.

The last one I read says “after foreplay” in Article III, and “while the kid is asleep” in Article VI.

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My parents married about 4 months after meeting. I came along about 11 months later.

They’re still married. I’m still around.

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