What If We're The Bad Guys Here?

All gerrymandering is bad, I agree.

The Democrats in my state forced through a ballot initiative resulting in a nonpartisan council that redrew all the maps to try to get rid of gerrymandering - and on average, progressive candidates became far more viable and conservatives struggled relative to the previous, much easier elections. In my state, the Democrats have made no plays to bias results in their manner, unless you consider making voting easier a biased action.

Of course, in a country with 50 states there are places where Democrats aren’t the cleanest actors, but I haven’t seen any push from Democrats on par with the MAGA efforts to reduce the ability to absentee vote, minimize the locations and timing of in-person voting, simply change votes to be by-county winner-take-all, invalidate absentee ballots received after Election Day though mailed in time, or as the GOP did in my state while they had power, completely ignore the outcome of a popular ballot referendum by changing the laws so that the referendum could no longer take effect.


Old news, now, but ammunition for MAGA folks railing against perceived fraud arising from various modes of absentee balloting:

That title sounds bad, and if real it is frustrating. However, it looks like there were just allegations that couldn’t be substantiated based on a video?

I suppose if the evidence is credible enough, sure, redo the election. I’m just surprised. In most states, and as far as I can see in Connecticut, it’s legal to put others’ absentee ballots into a drop box. I’d be curious to know why they’re quite sure that the act was illegal and not just legally depositing legal votes.

EDIT: Connecticut does have specific rules. Must be a family member or a caretaker. So it could have been somebody who works at a nursing home, or any type of communal facility involving a caretaker where people might receive and fill out ballots. Or depending how many ballots we’re talking, it’s not unreasonable somebody could drop off, say, 12 legal ballots for all their kids and siblings and spouse and parents who live at home or in the area.

That was just the first link returned in a quick Google search.

The individual caught on the video was the chair of Bridgeport Democrats’ municipal committee.

While the following isn’t directly related to the incident in that video…municipal politics in Bridgeport has been “interesting” for a few years:

(Ms. Geter-Pataky is the individual identified in the 2023 video cited in the prior link.)

Another column on fallout from last fall’s Bridgeport shenanigans:

Wikipedia also has an article on Bridgeport’s election, although it doesn’t go too far into the shenanigans:

I mean, it’s totally legit to, say, collect ballots from all the residents at the retirement home you work at and bring them to a drop box. Or collect ballots from your spouse & kids and take them all to the drop box. Or your coworkers.

So one person depositing a lot of ballots into a drop box is not evidence of fraud.

I do have other problems with mail-in voting and greatly prefer expanded early voting as a vastly superior alternative.

The part that got the attention was:

  • It was a Democratic party official delivering the ballots, and there wasn’t a valid, legal reason she would have done so.
  • The vote distribution among absentee ballots was significantly different than the vote distribution among in-person ballots
  • The party official had a known preference for the victor.

(Also, in case it wasn’t clear…the shenanigans in question was for a Democratic municipal primary. The GOP is effectively nonexistent in Bridgeport.)

There were other allegations of impropriety made at the time, but I’m not certain whether they’ve been confirmed. It’s probable that those allegations were enough to influence the judge to call for a re-vote.

I’m not necessarily concerned about the voting distribution being different. If my household all turned in their ballots at the same time, they’d surely be close to identical if not the same. (I don’t view Partner’s ballot nor will I for Goddaughter, who now votes from our home.)

I’ll be curious to see the outcome here, but it’s my assumption that from multiple people charged with multiple crimes, some real crimes probably occurred. I hope to discover I’m wrong, but if they did it, throw the book at them. Don’t care if it would have been good for “my side.”

I’d support significantly increased penalties for egregious election meddling. It’d require care, as we already have too many cases of (usually Black) people being arrested for illegally voting after being specifically told they were allowed to vote, and I wouldn’t want that exacerbated. But for anybody determined to be intentionally voting illegally as themselves or others, I see this as a fundamental betrayal of your country. Not that I’d want the death penalty, but if this person was stuffing ballots I wouldn’t care if they went away for 40 years.

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Generally speaking, when 2 groups of people hate a third group more than they hate each other, they should form a coalition. The goal of democracy is to elect the least hated leaders, and coalitions are one imperfect way to get closer to that goal.

Maybe there will be some practical problems with it, I don’t know France’s rules, but the general idea of coalition forming is anything but ‘anti-democratic’.


If the individual had been seen dropping off two absentee ballots, it’s unlikely that it would have drawn such attention. However, my understanding is that she was seen depositing far more ballots than could have been explained by the household exception, and she wasn’t known to be in a caretaker role that would have provided a plausible explanation.

And to clarify – the indictment I mentioned pertained to the 2019 election, not the 2023 election where the alleged dropbox-stuffing occurred. (We didn’t have voting dropboxes in CT until 2020, when they were introduced for the obvious reason.) I think I heard that criminal charges were expected for the 2023 event, but… :person_shrugging:

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My understanding of the Bridgeport dropbox situation is that the allegations include paying for ballots. I think this is not strictly related to the dropbox, but absentee ballots plus a dropbox make this kind of election fraud scheme considerably easier to execute. JMO

3. A report from a City of Bridgeport employee that a campaign was offering cash in return for completed absentee ballots.

A third-party informant contacted the Town Clerk’s office to report that the Gomes campaign was in a high-rise apartment building on Washington Avenue informing residents that they would receive cash in exchange for a completed absentee ballot.

An assassination attempt on a former POTUS and current POTUS candidate? Bullet less than an inch from impacting his skull. Numerous numerous failures by his security detail, some of which appear influenced by the current administration? Hmm, maybe could be the bad guys after all…

After the failure of the assassination attempt, it looks finally like Biden will be forced to step aside, maybe even this weekend. Totally a coincidence, of course. In any case, they have to get rid of him because almost no one, not even blue-blood Democrats, would believe it when the Biden candidate wins in November. It has been foretold, by me to you right here right now - there is no chance Trump wins in November. It’s not allowed, you don’t need to worry. Whitmer or someone similar will at least make it believable.

You think it’s a “coincidence” that Biden is going to step down when 65% of Democrats want him to step down?

Maybe take a breath.

I like talking about conspiracy theories, but you need to think rationally, and in particular yield to Occam’s Razor.

If you want to argue that this was a hit job, or that Democrats steal elections, by all means. But stick to legitimate coincidences.


I’m not sure you are familiar with the posters work.


No, it’s a coincidence that after resisting 65% of Democrats’ wants previously, he’s now going to change his tune less than a week after the failure of an assassination attempt against his opponent.

Certainly I get to have some fun with the coincidences given the Dems that suggested the shooting was staged.

I guess I would not be surprised if “Trump’s security detail” meant “everyone working the campaign event that might ask a question” according to Josh Hawley.

Trump as former POTUS and a high risk target due to the campaign is certainly a legit use of the SS protections, but lets not pretend he is in any way the top priority of the SS. I would hope the best of the service are protecting the actual POTUS.

Comparing conspiracy theories among internet randos is almost certainly going to produce an “L” in your column, if that is where you want to take things.


Dmitri Melhorn and Joy Reid aren’t “internet randos.” Nice try, but try again. Love to see you taking L’s like your namesake lol

No. The polls are new. And they demonstrate that it’s not just the elites, party leaders, and media that want Biden to drop out. And Biden is still resisting leaving, he’s just losing ground. His argument was that the debate was a 1-off and he could recover, and he’s not recovering.

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You don’t sound like you’re having fun, you sound like you are drinking a lot of Koolaid. But I guess fun is different to different people.


It seems clear to me that both the libs and MAGA have segments that are running wild with conspiracy theories about the assassination attempt. I’m ignoring both.

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