What ever happened to....?

Tangent from another thread somewhere around here. Whatever happened to the top 3 or 5 students in your HS class? I guess that for lots of people here, they’re in that group. What happened to everyone else?

  1. MJ - insanely smart. Now apparently a music teacher and fundamentalist christian of some type.
  2. D. - entrepreneur, obscenely wealthy.
  3. Me. Well, here we are.
  4. G. Now some sort of generic business analyst for the gov’t.
  5. L. Last I heard, either a generic job, or a housewife.

@Bro, started a thread to give you something to read while your models are running.

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I have kept up with one person from high school, and I don’t think they were in the top 5.

1 - FB friend, but rarely posts, seems he is still alive at least.
2 - social worker, recent child
3 - some intersection of academia and journalism, not exactly sure

I keep up with 2. Butone of them lives back home so they sometimes update me on the others.
They’ve tried to get me to come to gatherings and I decline. No interest. I had to go to one hs reunion to present an award, that reaffirmed my choices.

i could only ID the top 2. one has a phd in english i think and teaches somewhere. 2 does something related to some catholic charity or related org - he is the exec director of it. I think.

i was never near the top 5. i think i graduated 54th out of 273.

One is me. One I’ve lost track of. One became a stay at home mom, and now is instrumental in the local politics of her town. One became some kind of professor in a hard science.

The football star ran a successful auto dealership for many years, but recently died of cancer.

I have no idea who was in the top 5. I think but I’m not sure I even remember who were valedictorian or the salutatorian. I think I can picture them in my head but I definitely couldn’t tell you their names or if I am even friends with them on Facebook.

=snort!= on the autocorrect!

We had tri-valedictorians, and another student and I also tied for 4th out of 425ish in the class.

…1. A petroleum engineer. She was super book smart and worked hard at everything. Studying came easy for her.
…1. An OB/Gyn on the west coast. Super talented.
…1. a lawyer, I believe. Quiet and athletic and stand-off-ish.
…4. Got her B.S. degree in something but is now a performer/singer who has been in lots of local theater productions, and bit or small parts in movies and TV. VERY musically talented, pushed to ridiculous lengths of studying (prolly abusively so) by asian parents. Competed on Americas Got Talent.
…4. FCAS on the GoA. Not nearly as all around smart or hardworking as any of the above but easily better at math than all of the above. The petro-engineer was a distant second best. Above average in science, but not nearly as good in English or social studies. First 5 score in school history in Calc AB.

Most of the above didn’t really socialize with each other at all, except for the actress who was a sweetheart that everyone liked. It was pretty cut throat/competitive.

Also noteworthy, but younger than me are two friends that got PHDs and are well known in their fields. One PHD from Duke is a professor at a big college in a science field. One PHD from MIT and it a post-doc there.

I only know who the top 2 were.

    • I think she became a nurse. She wanted to be a doctor, but wasn’t smart enough, and not as smart as she thought she was in high school.
    • word in the hallways was she cheated her way to #2. She was popular in high school. class president. People gave her the answers and then were all appalled that she became salutatorian. As a popular chick, she is now the founder and CEO of a company which is really just her that’s mission statement is “offers a full suite of speaking, training, coaching and consulting services designed to help you and your team meet your goals, realize growth and achieve your potential.” I have no idea what that actually means. Maybe she’s training people to be popular like she was.

I posted this in another thread.

1 - went to Washington University in St. Louis, got an accounting degree and worked as a CPA for a couple years, met a doctor, got married and became a housewife, hasn’t worked since.
2 - went to MIT, I think in some part because #1 bragged about where they were going and then commented that #2 wasn’t going somewhere as prestigious and couldn’t get into that kind of a school. Got her M.D., became an oncologist, works at University of Chicago, single by her choice.
3 - went to some college, I think maybe graduated (something tells me she didn’t), got married, promptly became a housewife, hasn’t worked since. Might have home-schooled her kids, but I think that was part of a Christian fundamentalist sect they’re in. [In trying to figure out what college, I discovered she has a kid who became an “actor” in a couple things I’ve never heard of, and no one else probably has either - and none of us probably care, either.]
4 - me. Went to college, graduated, became a lawyer, starred on a TV show for a year, fired by the producer because he wanted me to hurry up every morning with my bathroom poops. Reinvented myself as an actuary. Other stuff along the way that no one cares about, either.
5 - went to college for perhaps 2 years, married her high school sweetheart, dropped out and became a housewife, had 5 kids by age 27.

I have no idea how even to find that info. I’m guessing the top students kept track at the time then remembered it forever, but I wasn’t even privy to that info. And trying to find even the valedictorian would take a good couple of hours (find my yearbook, which was a TRUE yearbook with graduation photographs and handed out the following August or so).
Once I determine who they are, I will have a hard time finding out where they are today, both geographically and statusly, 'cuz no Facebook account.

And, I don’t really care to know. So, you are out of luck.

  1. Me, wasting time on here

  2. Became a PA and sells MLM facial products on Facebook after having two kids

  3. Worked at a movie theater after graduating with a BA in English. Went to law school a few years after that. Got a job as a lawyer but quit to raise/train emotional support dogs. Lives with parents at 35 and is very emotionally immature. Thinks I’m the smartest person alive, though, and has introduced me as such to people (highlighting how little she knows, and I find it mortifying)

4+ no idea

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#1 is a Doctor - one that does the research, not sees patients
#2 I cannot find
#3 is an accountant CPA! Funny story, but she started working for my uncle that owned a CPA firm. I went to college for accounting and was supposed to go to work for him and eventually become a partner. That didn’t end up happening obviously.
#42 is an FSA


I don’t even know who the first five in my class were. I have some idea.

I was #10 out of 435. Stupid B+ in French!

I think I was #12, and at least 2 of the top 10 died since, so that might make me unofficially top 10 now.

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No contact with anyone from HS.


#1 is a geneticist.
#2 is in prison for charges of diddling the special needs kid he was Big Brother for. (There’s some question about his actual guilt / prosecutorial misconduct.)
#3 is wasting time by making this post.


My class was about 50 kids, so. Our valedictorian got pregnant and didn’t go to college, she was a SAHM last I heard but it’s been years. Our salutatorian… I have no idea what ever happened to her. She went to the local college, no idea if she finished or with what degree.

One classmate became a primary care physician. She and I were in the top five, and I can’t recall who the fifth person was.