What does having a female brain mean?

Well, you know me for a few posts now, and I know geometry… does that get us enough of the way there ? :slight_smile:

Not even close. You are giving me all sorts of evidence that discussing this with you would be a huge waste of time.


Again, not a word that has been used by Soyleche or by me. No one asked if you know. And your avoidance of offering any opinion at all is telling.


I don’t know is usually a reasonable response to people. At least, the people I talk to. How do the people you talk to respond when you say I don’t know?

And it’s kind of telling that no one has offered their own thoughts, or even stated that they don’t know, other than me of course.

Think vs know is a bit of a quibble…

Varies greatly depending on the context.

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If you asked them a question, they turned it back on you, you said you didn’t know, they said you must have some thoughts, then you said no you really didn’t know, then they said you weren’t worth answering, then, how would you feel about the whole conversation?

“OMG, I AM a troll!!”

Full disclosure: I’m only kidding.

As previously discussed - family and friends are different than some person on the internet.

But, even then, there have been times when not letting the other person get away with “I don’t know” is a good strategy. Do you have teenagers?

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I think it is just as likely that you are getting away with something as I. (Actually I think it’s more likely you are, but of course I’m slightly biased).

If there’s anyone out here who has an answer do let me know…

This might help.


What I’m getting from the song is “the best thing about a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun and go totally crazy”. So it is saying women are the fun ones and go crazy occasionally. Hmmmmm.

And this is a potential definition of a female brain, I guess. (Given this song was provided in answer to my question . And liked by the other primary responder to this thread). Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I don’t think the singer intended to define a female brain through her song, but clearly others define it this way.

Would be depressing too if I thought about it that way, but once again whatevs

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do you think you’re male or female? Why/Why not?

Female is biology from what I understood from most everyone, and I have several biological reasons to think I’m female. And no biological reasons to think I’m male. Does that answer your question?

Weirdly, it seems to be most people on this thread are men or male, and no one wants to explain to me what a female brain is. But no one will admit to not knowing. Kinda funny actually.


No. You did not answer my question.

Do you feel like a male or female?

Define feeling like a female vs feeling like a male. Then I’ll tell you. But, if it helps, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced gender dysphoria, or the conviction I’ve been born in the wrong body. Now can we get back to what a female brain is?


so you don’t know what it’s like to feel like male vs female? Then I’m afraid this thread is pointless then. Seems like you don’t even know what male and female means.


Do you know? Or is this going to be another long pointless exchange where people refuse to answer questions but pretend they know the answers


how would you know? you have yet to answer if you feel like you’re male or female, so how can you possibly have gender dysphoria?

you seem to be the only one not answering questions here