What do you think of flooding western countries with Indians as a defense against China in WWIII?

Might just drag Indian into a war if needed.


I thought the plan was to blow up the Hoover Dam to slow the advance of the Chinese army by flooding the Colorado River until the Democrats and Republicans can do a pause in their civil war and form a united front. Donald Trump will have emerged from his Long March with the Q-Anon army through the Appalachian mountains to lead the Republican side.

Once the war is over the civil war that was paused will promptly resume with the Democrats losing and fleeing to the nearby island of Roanoke which will later be known as “American Roanoke” with limited diplomatic recognition in subsequent Olympic games in the decades of the Second Cold War.

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You’ve given this a lot of thought.


Not that much, but it makes sense right?

My first thought was colonel smoothie. hfbb


I think that plan went out the window with Lake Mead almost drying up.

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Then the plan would be to yell “pocket sand!” and throw it into the eyes of the Chinese soldiers


If the remake of “red dawn” has taught us anything it’s that the size is the movie market in china will ensure its north korea, not china, whom we fight in ww3.