What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

Niece enjoys Disney Magic Bake Off or something close to that… three teams of two kids each make extremely elaborate cakes, but all with a particular Disney theme that changes with each episode. (favorite Disney ride, Star Wars, Descendants, etc.)

It’s impressive and stressful all at the same time.

Yeah, it is also stressful to watch junior baker. I care so much more for a 10 year watching their god damn caramel crystalize again.

I have watched Food Networks Kids Baking Championship.

Devil in Ohio - 8 part mini-series on Netflix. Trouble teen breaks away from Satanic Cult and gets taken in by the Dr. who (not to be confused with Dr. Who) fosters her. Cult family tries to get her back. Decent but not great mini-series. No 2nd season planned that I know of so if you’re looking for something finished you could do worse.

Well, finally finished The History of Rome podcast and it was awesome. Gosh, those 1,230 years went by fast. I’m thinking of listening to the History of Byzantium next, which is recommended by Mike Duncan (the author of THOR). He also recommends The Fall of Rome by Patrick Wyman.

Watched the first 3 episodes of Andor last night. New Star Wars series on Disney+ that would fit in the movies around 3.25 on the timeline, just before the events of Rouge 1.

It’s better than the stupid Obi-Wan series which was complete trash and less boring than Book of Bobba which really dragged at times, but it still has some slow points and I’m not 100% sold on the characters yet but it’s got enough promise that I’ll watch this season run as it releases. So far I’d rate it a below the Madolorian which I like more.

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Watching “Los Espookys” on HBO. Pretty funny is an absurdist way. 30 minutes, so not too much time wasted.

It comes with subtitles for the opposite language, as some characters speak English and others speak Spanish, often to each other. But we also have Closed Captions on better to understand the English (we need a new audio system, I think (or ears)).

So, both languages’ captions are shown at the same time.

Season 34 premiered last night. Interesting twists:
They started in Germany rather than in the USA.
1st leg had 3 challenges spread around the city and the teams could go to them in any order they wanted.
They had 12 teams instead of 11 but there are no non-elimination legs.

My wife and I watched all of the old seasons a number of years ago after having watched from about season 8 or so. We went all the way back to 1 then all the way to the end of the ones they had at the time, 20 something I think. Interesting how things changed over time.


Finished season 5 of Cobra Kai. Brainless and very over-the-top soap opera-y kinds of silliness, but I enjoyed it.

I’m still hoping they can talk Hilary Swank into reprising her KK role. But most of the cast is dramatically lower ranking than a 2 time Oscar winner, so it is unlikely to ever happen.

I believe she just started a new TV series, so I doubt it

Paper Girls on Amazon prime. One season and not renewed by Amazon but they are showing to others. Based on a comic or graphic novel (I have not read) but it’s a time travel series about 4 12 year old paper carriers who get caught up in time travel. Very interesting and well done, though the girls do not look 12, more like 15-18. Hopefully someone else picks it up for season 2.

started final season of “better call saul”. very excited to see how they tie it off

on netflix?

I have a few Rick and Morty’s new season. First one was a classic, with Peter Dinklage performing an alien Hans Gruber Stan while Summer does a bunch of Die Hard stuff though never having seen the movie. Rick somehow puts himself and Morty into a video game. Morty turns into 6 billion different Morty’s while Rick tries to get them all together (as a cult leader? No, he insists, but if it works…) and off of the screen so the game will restart, getting them out.

awesome show. awesome final season

no. on xfinity/comcast. i think i splurged for $23 to buy it. I won’t regret it or miss the $23.

i bought the whole season from amazon for around $25. Woulda paid twice that if i had to

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