Uhhhh so it looks like Adam Neumann’s got this new company called Flow backed by Andreessen Horowitz. Which is kind of surprising given how much of a disaster WeWork is/was.

What could go wrong?

I learned from WeCrash that he originally wanted to start something like this. Basically a communal living space that was somewhat similar to the kibbutz style of living where he grew up. I guess he finally got it.

Wait . . . is this another Lemonade Stand type operation? Profits go to charity and all that?

Your guess is as good as mine. The explanation in the article was as clear as I dunno, a really cloudy glass of lemonade.

sounds like college dorms

better hope the kid down the hall isn’t dirty or annoying as fuck

That’s a long article to say almost nothing.

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If they are actually trying to create rental properties with communal aspects, I’m quite interested. But… I honestly can’t tell from the article.

Perhaps a rebranding of Time Shares?