Were the 2016 presidential election results valid?

Mitch McConnell as quoted by the NYT “Let’s not have any lectures about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election.”

Lots of people think the voters made a big mistake in 2016, but who has been refusing to accept the validity of that election?


Bottomless bad faith.

I’ve been spending some time over at r/Conservative. There are a lot of people over there fully convinced that Trump is going to have this overturned, and that the reason Trump hasn’t shown any evidence is because that would give The Libs a strategic advantage. “Trump will only show that stuff to a judge, because Trump knows what he’s doing,” and so forth. I would laugh at the delusion except the past two elections have taught me to never laugh, again, at anything.

Sometimes they post links to lengthy “statistical analysis” of the vote tallies, so that’s…let’s say “fun.”

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He thinks the push to impeach was a result of not accepting the election result rather than admitting Trump did something he should not have done.

2000 is the one that was invalid imo. If they counted all the votes Gore would have ended up winning.

2016 was just a collosal failure by voters.


Ummm… The entire #NotMyPresident group. The members of the riots in 7 major cities regarding the election before he was ever sworn in. The constant drumbeat of calling him an illegitimate POTUS. Hillary constantly talking about how the election was stolen because she won the popular vote and Russian interference. The entire Russia Russia Russia thing. The list goes on.

I think Trump should concede. That doesn’t make McConnell wrong about this.

Maybe I should have made my intent clearer. I meant " who has been refusing to accept the validity of that election for four years?", which is what McConnell alleged. For that question, the rioters before he was ever sworn in are irrelevant.

As to Hillary her claims are quite different. She’s not challenging that Trump won the election. She’s saying it was stolen because the voters were duped, and without various dirty tricks they wouldn’t have voted the way they did. But they did, so she acknowledges that Trump won. Trump, on the other hand, may think the voters should have voted for him, but he should realize by now that they didn’t vote for him. He thinks he should be president despite the vote rather than because of the vote.

My post was more about McConnell than about Trump. Yes, he has the right to file lawsuits over the election, and (especially if there were more evidence supporting his position) it would be reasonable for him not to concede if he had a realistic chance of winning. That doesn’t make it OK for Trump to lie about what happened this year. It doesn’t excuse McConnell for claiming that democrats have been refusing to accept the validity of the last election for four years.


Trump is the one who didn’t accept the count of the vote in 2016 (3 million illegal votes, because he can’t possibly have an asterisk). It is no surprise he is doing it again.


Your intent was perfectly clear. It just had to be broadened to make room for the exact same talking points I’m seeing en masse on r/Conservative.


^ also this. Anybody taking up this latest war-is-peace McConnell party-think should be laughed out of any serious discussion, like a sane, healthy state would have laughed McConnell out of the Senate last week.

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McConnell is gearing up for at least a 2 year blocking strategy.

He knows trump lost. But for the next 2 years he will lead the Senate to slow down the process and block the Dem agenda at every turn. A good way to do that is to drag everything out to exhaustion.

For as much as the Rs hate Pelosi, The Dems will learn to hate McConnel the same.

2020 Dems got rid of trump. But 2022 will be the real election on Biden.

This is complete nonsense.

And Russia did interfere. The Mueller report talks about it; Barr redacted the parts that matter.

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that’s where they tend to get me. they will post some long-ass shit that i don’t feel like reading or analyzing, so they totally own me with something that is likely bullshit due to my laziness.

I’ll save you some time - it’s 100% bad faith bullshit, and you should delete Facebook.


The Dems have hated McConnell for several years - even before he blocked the Garland nomination.

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Don’t they already hate McConnell?

Like when he tried to block all of Obama’s nominees when he was the minority leader?
Or when he blocked nearly all of Obama’s nominees as majority leader?

There is justified reason for this hate.


McConnell is pure evil. He’s just as bad as Trump.


I’m in an anti-trump group on facebook that mommy fan got me in. they post some kickass memes.

now i’m seeing trumpkins using this hashtag on Biden after mocking libs for using it.

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Rs thought they already hated Pelosi in 2016.

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