We should all care about Uighurs

Lots of news about Muslims in Xinjiang. But no care about Muslims in the Middle East.

While the US preaches the mantra of ‘human rights’ and its media suggests that China is the enemy of Muslims, Islamic countries are conscious that this very same rhetoric has been used to pursue the wholesale destruction of Muslim lands across a massive scope of time.

From whitewashing Israel’s bombing of Gaza just a month ago, to events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and more, why should Imran Khan take this kind of questioning seriously? Comparatively, it’s ridiculous to suggest China is the problem for the Muslim world when history speaks for itself.

This alone is a key point as to why the China-Pakistan relationship, despite significant ideological and theological differences, is so successful. It isn’t about money. Pakistan may be an Islamic republic and China a secular communist state which has advocated materialism and atheism. But the two countries have a rich 70-year history of ties which has been described as an “iron brotherhood”, built on common values of post-colonial and ‘global south’ solidarity, as well as the common norms of respect for territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

This has ensured a strong partnership, which has been further cemented by a common scepticism of India. To try to diminish this entire legacy on the idea ‘China has bought Pakistan’s silence’ is insulting and ignorant.

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Indeed, the word represented in Uyghur by the “Ui” spelling places two vowels in one syllable, violating the Turkic language’s own linguistic rule of vowel harmony.

I have no comments.Didn’t know their existence until the west started “caring” about them. But there is an interesting development. CBC.ca/news China hits back at Canada, calls for UN investigation into crimes against Indigenous people I really don’t know why Canada is trying to act like a “big” boy.

All of your favorite countries are joining with China:; Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Syria and Iran.

there are over 50 ethnic groups in China.

They’ve all been at it since the beginning of time.

Nothing new here.

Mass imprisonment seems new(ish)

True. They used to go in for mass murder/ethnic cleansing.

It is a bit confusing to start a thread about how actuaries shouldn’t care about an atrocity that they already don’t care about, because some other people have committed other atrocities against other people before.

I see your point about the AO missing some voices. It’s like you have to play every role yourself.

That article is very telling. First human rights, meaning individuals, are subordinated to the needs of “Muslims”. Then even the needs of Muslims, a religious group, is subordinated to national power. Never mind that China is atheistic and secular while Pakistan is the opposite; what matters is national strength and sovereignty.

The real crime, evidently, is to suggest that even money could be more important than this national strength created between China and Pakistan.

The seeds for totalitarianism are all in that single article.