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Should be fine for CAS unless they do something like the college credit for exam credit swap like the SOA


Thanks for this. I was morbidly curious but not curious enough to give them my CAS credentials and real name.

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And stop coloring the tabs in rainbow formation!!!


You can do that?

Edit: Wow, you can. My spreadsheets have found a whole new life!


Color the tabs? Sure! How else do you identify which tabs have data, which tabs have analysis, which tabs have printable summaries, which tabs should be ignored, which tabs are to be “saved” as PDFs and submitted to D’sOI,…

Right-click on the tab name, and “tab color” is right there in the middle of the pop-up menu.



you hide these

I didn’t realise the CAS also had this sort of drama going on.


What’s up in your professional org? (And which is it?)

MP covered this in a previous thread. We had lots of drama in the IfoA over the last few years.

Everything just keeps getting worse

Whenever I go to urgent care or the dr’s office I’m almost always seen by a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant

One of these days it’s gonna cost me my life

And yeah SOA and CAS need to cut it out. While the profession could sorely use some more diversity, we should not compromise the credentialing standards.

I’m not sure when this has ever occurred or has even been proposed as an idea.
That seems just as racist not allowing certain minorities to take the exams because they are certain not to pass.

Mostly I’m just taking a shot at the SOA’s UEC program which they claimed was in part to expand the profession’s DEI

Not really sure what parallel you are trying to draw there with your second statement tho

Believing that the exams need to be adjusted for a minority group requires a belief that the minority group is somehow, in general, inferior.

Now, I’m not say you think think this, but it seems that some people think other people think this (I guess that includes myself!), and that they think that CAS or SOA is planning to deliberately make the exams easier for some people based on this inferiorness.
And, I do not see any evidence of this.
Reaching out to a more diverse bunch of people, telling them about the profession, seems a good way to find those diamonds in the rough.

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There are a LOT of caveats here.

Reaching out (marketing and comms really) is important, but it should not be at the expense of diluting standards simply to fill in internal DEI quotas.

We had lots of discussions about this in the UK and overall it has been a net positive experience (standards were kept high when it came to hiring).

But if you fall into trap of “admitting and hiring a person simply because they tick a few boxes” it can be very problematic.

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This 100% and the subsidizing the exam fees for low income test takers (regardless of race) is also a step in the right direction.

Some clean up activities took place. Posts that lost their contextual meaning as a result have been also cleaned up.

Great, now I’m the one yelling at a dissolved cloud to get off my lawn.


I’m pretty sure the poster who just got his post deleted had a familiar sounding name from the outpost. Too hard for me to even try typing out their name