Wasn't it a worst-case possibility?

From https://www.axios.com/election-security-2020-voter-fraud-foreign-meddling-0f4ec894-ddf8-42e8-aa07-773ccc8450d7.html?fbclid=IwAR19ssJDcvhBWYqZ2y4aSpNtH7LzX68y5hHtvuDp60-1kChHUNT65qU4ssU Axios.com

OK, those would all have been bad, but if I were going to list* worst-case scenarios I would include Trump winning. Fortunately that didn’t happen either.

*OK, maybe not if I were going to list worst-case scenarios and I were claiming to be neutral.

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My cousin posted a Fox News article about an issue with the counting machines in one Michigan county. Nowhere close to enough votes to flip the state, but she’s claiming it’s indicative of statewide problems. No, I’m not putting much stock in the claim, but I assume that Trump supporters will.


Yes, it’s being used to fuel rumors about Dominion. The issue you linked in your story comes down to user error, not a software glitch. All that these kinds of stories support is the need for an auditing process, which already exist.