VPOTUS's Space Event

Some people think Kamala Harris was awkward in a video promoting space exploration.

The story is on the front page of https://www.news.com.au/

This is one of many Rupert Murdoch media companies in Australia.

Also, such a hypocrite not wearing a mask.

Must not have happened then.

Another Rupert Murdoch company reporting on the event:

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How dare her not use real children in her promotional video. She should resign immediately!

Is that the right level of outrage for this?

I’m sure Republicans would never resort to using actors in political advertising.

Isn’t Trump supposed to be the worst person ever, like worse than Hitler or something? I suppose if the person worse than Hitler did something as bad as using actors in campaign ads, it’s okay for VPOTUS to use child actors for a NASA event.

Why are we supposed to be upset? Because child actors were used in an educational video?

Is that… supposed to be bad??? If so, why???

Did the Harris administration lie about something?

Lord knows I’m no fan of the VPOTUS, but I’m struggling to understand this particular criticism of her.

Did someone say you’re supposed to be upset? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

What was cringe-worthy about that?

I have not seen any public polls that characterize him as such although I think Noam Chomsky might have referred to him as such. In a 1999 poll both the Clintons made the top 10. This was betore Hillary had held any political office.


People can’t just come out and say it’s because she’s a woman of several non-white American colors.

So, let’s pick on every little thing she does, as if it were magic, though admittedly, it just turns them on. Before her, life was tragic, but now they know their hate for her grows on.

Right, because racism. And sexism.

You haven’t really offered up any other reasons for posting this not really news worthy article so we are left to speculate.

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You want me to provide both the topic and directions on how to discuss it?

No, I thought when others asked you what was cringe-worthy or bad about something you created a thread about, that you could have answered those questions.


I didn’t write the article.

What made you think it was worth sharing?

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I found it interesting.