Vinyl thread

Getting myself a record player but I want a record to go with it so I can test it out.

What should I get

I did vinyl for a while some years back. My record player was a Music Hall mmf1, I think the mmf1.5 is the current equivalent. I had a few records that I inherited from my dad, the first record I bought was an old Folkways pressing of Woody Guthrie.

Alright I had to make a quick decision before my wife wakes up so she wouldn’t find out I spent a bunch of money on my audio hobby again.

Wound up getting this album:

Monty Python’s Total Rubbish - The Complete Collection (10 LP Box Set)(Explicit) (Vinyl) (

Unless you want something more cost effective:
Monty Python Another Monty Python Record UK vinyl LP album (LP record) (363607) (

Darn. I thought this was gonna be a sexy fetish thread.


Be the change.

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pics or it didn’t happen. oh wait, what? nevermind

I grew up with records and really don’t understand their sudden resurgence. Other ways to play music are better.

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False sense of nostalgia–“this is how mom/grandma listened to music”.

I think that there are also some attraction to the physicality of touching the actual device that contains the music that today’s kids find intriguing.

One thing I’d point out about vinyl: One of the Monty Python albums actually has two grooves (on one side!) so that when you played it, you might just hear something completely different*!

I agree that it’ll likely be a fad that’ll morph into a fascination with CD’s.

*Apparently, once-upon-a-time, you could also buy a record that would be announcing a horse race; but based on “where” you started the playback, you would get different endings.

it’s too bad portable laserdisc players for music never caught on

Eh. I got an iPod. Has MY music on it, not what some computer program thinks I like based on what I’ve played before. It’s not very heavy. Never skips. Never “scratches” the music. Perhaps not the “purest” sound, but I’m apparently losing my hearing.

Records have truer sound to the original recording.

But mostly it’s people trying to be hip. Or hipster.

In another 15 years, people will be buying CDs again

I’m a little dismayed that CDs kind of topped out in quality. Highest popular format is 32 bit FLAC I think but we could have like 1 GB super hifi songs couldn’t we?

I don’t think there’s any benefit in going beyond the resolution of CDs. The redbook standard (the thing that defines how CDs converted analog to digital) is really, really good.

What we need, imo, is better production. And less abuse of the dynamic range. Albums could sound a lot better if studios cared about that.

Records have different audible shortcomings than other media. There’s a limit on the dynamic range because if it were too great the needle would leave the groove, iirc. They tend to hiss and pop, and with any but the highest-end phonograph, you get minor distortions from less-than-perfectly-even speed and from the machine being jostled by footsteps.

I have both the CD and Record of that Anne-Sophie Mutter album and the CD sounds way better lmao. I dunno maybe I set up the turntable wrong because I am a noob at that.

I have a friend who collected music on an old video disk format, that was higher resolution. He said he could hear the difference, and while I’m sure i can’t, I’m inclined to believe he could.

I think the standard was selected to fit symphonies on a single disk, not on pure esthetic grounds. I know i have a much better sense of smell than most people, and i believe that some people hear more details in music than others.

When mp3s were new, and i was ripping my existing music collection, i experimented with different resolutions. Mostly, i couldn’t hear a difference. But at the very lowest that was available on my Mac, it did sound slightly different. And i slightly preferred the lower resolution, which sounded “cleaner” to me.

300 something kbps is around where I can’t tell the difference after the resolution goes up.

Oh hey I have an etiquette question. Is it offensive that I bought that Karajan album because like he was a Nazi and all or is that ok. Just wondering if I should get a different record when uh, sharing with some people that I know that I started a vinyl collection.