Venmo Question

I set Venmo up against a Credit Card, feeling it was more protected., to make a payment. No problem

My SiL venmo’d me to split a dinner. It seems I can’t apply it to a CC, have to set up to a bank account. What I didn’t want to do

So I have $150 in a Venmo account, ok no big deal, if it grows I;ll do the bank account

Today, i Venmo someone $20, but it didn’t offer me an option to take it from the $150, how do I do that?


When I try to Venmo someone, it always pulls from my Venmo balance first. If that isn’t enough to cover it, then it pulls the full balance from one of my accounts. It tells me which account it’s coming from after I select “Pay” and put in some obligatory emojis in the comments section.

I’ll send you my Venmo info, you can send me $100 as a test.


It seemed like it took from the CC, not the balance

i will also serve as a test, but we should try larger amounts to make sure we get past that $150. $500 ought to cover it.

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Did you try contacting Venmo’s customer service?

Not yet, but I just received an email asking me to verify some info, in the app which should do it.