Vaccine & Insurance

Doubtful. And if true, I’d appeal.

Gonna assume she meant the provider billed the insurance company $33.88. The insurance company has a negotiated rate with the provider that pays 100% of CMS (the $16.94). Then the insurance company paid the $16.94 to the provider. $0 came out of pocket.

I guess in fencing you can get jabbed also

My point, exactly

I just registered through MyChart, which knows my insurer, so I’m sure my insurer will be billed.

They had me schedule the second dose 3 weeks after the first, so I assume that means I’m getting Pfizer.

Jealous. I’m not eligible, yet. :frowning:

Move to a better state! :wink:

I’m pretty sure you’re older than me, so you’d already be eligible here.

Yeah, I’m sure I’m older than you, unless you were REALLY old when you graduated school.

:rofl: Nope, just the usual 18.

No that was the “discount”

Right. I just don’t know why they paid $20 to Sam’s club and less to the health care group.

I have a season ticket package to the Mets. I have had three games before fully vax’d so I needed to get tested.

You can either go 72 hours before game day for full test or 6 hours before game for rapid.

So originally were using CVS drive through, When I filled out the questionnaire honestly, it said I was not eligible for insurance. I changed the answer to have I previously tested positive to “yes”, which is technically true, but probably not what they intended as it was three months ago.

Started using a local walk-in center for a rapid. I told them I wanted the test since someone in my office tested positive, which was also true, I just wasn’t there. Anyway, my wife told the truth that we were going to a ball game. On the e-mail, the listed diagnosis was the same, that we had exposure, I assume for insurance