Using spoilers in your posts

Just found another site thingie. I got promoted to advanced user, possibly due to my rugged good looks.
That triggered a custom post from the site (discbot). I expect only I saw this.
The post turned into a tutorial thread. The bot posted instructions, I responded by following the instructions, and it interactively took me through a bunch of site features.

Turns out we have a spoiler feature.
[details=“Spoiler Text”]
This text will be hidden


Spoiler Text

This text will be hidden

Spoiler Alert

Thanks for sharing the details on how that works.

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Spoiler Alert

I know how to do this now. thx

Spoiler Alert


Spoiler Text

Now to find the feature to change the color of the text. That is, where do I buy the red ink?

So just figured out that you can create a spoiler by clicking on the gear at the top right of the reply box and selecting “Hide Details”. It certainly beats coming back to this thread and copying the text.

Also has the makings for building a pole . . . er . . . poll.


I clicked the gear like BruteForce said

Did you?

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