"Using Drones" to Detect Clutter

Interesting story I came across.

Note: A drone was not used, just aerial photography as is common.

Homeowner admits he has clutter, has perhaps dozens of tires in his backyard, along with a “dilapidated auto” as claimed by the insurer, and I would assume hazardous and likely flammable materials in proximity to the dwelling and other homes.

Homeowner asks, “What am I supposed to do?” My recommendation is go get insurance.

Also, I would be surprised if he didn’t tidy up before camera crews arrived and filmed, also flying a drone over the property. I’d love to see a photo from before.

I expected it to look worse.

There’s no proof either way, but I assume he cleaned before being filmed in his yard.

I still don’t know if the insurer used a drone or not :thinking:.

I’ve got four sets of car tires, a set of ATV tires and probably four trailer tires in my backyard. But they’re all in a shed, safe from the prying eyes of aerial surveillance thank goodness.
Plus a ton of tools, gardening and workshop, an atv and far too much camping equipment, hunting stuff (decoys, tents, grills, goose blinds, it goes on). All of it in a shed.

Plan is in the next couple years to get rid of my two sheds and build one larger. So everything buddy has and more, just covered and not cluttered.

Oh, and if course all my maple syrup equipment.

SpaceLobster ‘two sheds’ Jackson over here.

Don’t even get me started on sheds. OK.
I bought a garden shed kit for peavey mart. It’s larger than 10X10 so I got a building permit. The municipality wants engineering diagrams for snowload. Like, it’s from peavy mart dude.
Anyway, I contacted the company and they sent me snow load diagrams. Stamped in the US. Nope, has to be a canadian engineer.
In the end, I had to build steel support structures inside to make them happy. Cut the heck out of my hands doing it, I’m still irritated over my hands bleeding when I built it.
Worse, it’s not very high so every time I go in it, I bang my head.

Plan is, in the next year or two, get rid of both, and build one decent sized shed that I can drive my atv right into for storage, plus has power so I can throw a workbench out there. And I’ll have my son in law build it, who’s a carpenter and I won’t have to worry about building codes. That’ll be his job.

There’s a few posts from him of the shed he built at his house on his instagram. They are total mancaves, way overbuilt: https://www.instagram.com/caesarconstructioninc/

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Throw a heater in there! One of the best decisions I’ve made here was putting HVAC in the garage for when I want to work out there. I needed AC and heat because Kansas, you may not need AC.

I will. I put a heater in the garage last year. Very nice.

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Not a single one of you N’d that R, for shame.

The RN game is down these days.

I suggested that someone quit their job and form an insurance company.

That’s an R I can’t N!