Use your crystal ball. The Patriot Party?

Will Trump start a 3rd Party?
  • Yes
  • No

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I can imagine him technically starting a third party. I’d vote no if it’s like “will he put in the massive time/money to make it a real political player” though.

Couple things make me say yes.

he is an egotistical narcissist
The Parler team will be all in on him (Parler is funded by the Mercers, who introduced Bannon to Trump)
He will salivate at how he can milk the followers for donations

Only if he’s not convicted of the impeachment. If this happens, I’m pretty sure that the subsequent vote to prohibit him from holding any office would follow quickly.

I was going to vote for 42, but I didn’t see that option.


For a long time I have felt the Republicans who don’t support the Evangelicals (and now also the White Supremacists) should break off an form a more central Party. As the Left becomes more Progressive the need for something in the middle becomes more important.

Trump, having lost his social media voice, will get bored. I can’t see him doing this, unless he sees a way to make money off it.

Of course indictments and impeachment may derail the effort. But I actually favor it

Wait - are you saying that you expect whatever party Trump would start to be the “more central party”? Or is that the one that is left over after the Trump people leave?

The pat-Riot party

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Is Nazi party already patented?

No, I felt the more centralist Republicans should start a more central party, but if there is a Far Right party (started by trump or otherwise), it ends up accomplishing the same thing

Ok - that’s what I hoped you were saying, but it wasn’t entirely clear. Thanks.

The question, for me is will the Progressives become strong enough to push the centralist Dems & Repubs together.

The Parrot Party

The Parrot Riot Party

Yes, he will start it. Not sure how he will put his brand on it while getting others to take all the risk, but I suspect someone will be a willing sucker for that. Like every Trump venture, it will be bankrupt within 2-3 years.

Had a Whig Party, time for the Combover Party?

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There used to be a Parrot Riot party but it is no more. It has ceased to be. Bereft of life it rests in peace.


It is an ex-parrot riot party!

Sounds like a lot of work…like the sort of thing he’d outsource to someone else and then he’d just put his name on it in the end.

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Are you sure it isn’t just resting?