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Word of the day: Vaxhole. “One who has been fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and brags about it.”

I appreciate this word.


(278) It’s Vaccination Day! - “For The First Time In Forever” Frozen Parody - YouTube


How many times of saying it counts as bragging? I’m going to be excited, I want to share my excitement, I do not want to brag.

IMO not so much the number as the way you do it. Posting a photo of your vaccination card is probably bragging. But posting advice such as “You are more likely to find an appointment at this website/georgraphic area” is less likely to be considered as bragging. On the day I was vaccinated I posted the Frozen parody video and only mentioned my vaccination in the comments area in response to my cousin who had been vaccinated a few days earlier.

Bragging may be appropriate if you have some friends that are hesitant to get vaxed, but highly doubt that’s the case with my friends.

Very good!

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This is where I’m at, I have a handful of family members who don’t want it, and some friends who won’t get it just out of laziness. So I’ll talk about the vaccine just to see if I can nudge a few of them.

Now, at work. I work in healthcare, on the provider side, I’d be shocked if less than 95% of my coworkers get it. So around the office people are talking about who got it, how they got the appt, side effects, etc. It’s not competitive, but people are curious.

I’m going to share, too. If it’s bragging, so be it.

There was one morning where someone in my synagogue told people to stop talking about their vaccines because he was having trouble finding an appointment. But that’s the only time I’ve seen bitterness.

Does that make you a Pre-Vaxhole?

I’m of the opinion that sharing you’ve been vaccinated is not bragging. Saying you feel really relieved to be vaccinated and are excited about it, not bragging.

Saying things like, “I’m going to go out to the bar tonight, cuz I’m vaccinated!” or, “I’m going to Cancun, enjoy your staycation!” to your non-vaccinated friends every chance you get is exhausting and a dick move. That’s bragging and definitely warrants a Vaxhole label.

I don’t have many of those types of people in my life, because in my experience, people like that are also dicks in general.


I think right now, bragging about travel or going to bars because you’re vaccinated is a dick move. Once there is enough supply for all who want the vaccine, I think saying that you can get on a plane and travel because vaccine… yeah, I’ll rub that in your face if you’re an anti-vaxxer and can’t get on a plane to Phuket.


Yeah, not doing any of the things listed as examples of vaxholes. Definitely will be providing the link for our state run sites, and encouraging others to get theirs as 1) maybe my encouragement will be the nudge that pushes them into yes, I want to get vaccinated, and 2) maybe they aren’t aware that the phases (here) are over and it’s available for them. I’m not going to do that promotion until after I have my appointment though, maybe that makes me a pre-vaxhole.

i feel like the bar one is fine. the cancun one is a dick move. you know someone who said that?

the cancun one reminds me of this guy i was fb friends with where he had an arranged marriage and then on valentines day right after getting married he said something about it being great to be married on valentines day and the lonely singles should eat their heart out or something like that. i’m guessing his arranged marriage wife probably can’t stand him at this point a few years later. but yeah, i think this guy was a dick in general.

I think it’s more making it a point to tell the people who CAN’T go to the bar that you’re going that makes it a dick move. The “look what I have that you don’t” mentality.

I don’t have friends like that. I do know a few people like that. Friends of friends on Twitter kind of thing.

what if you’re going to the bar unvaccinated and don’t mention the vaccine at all? is that different?

my friend is on his road trip covid tour right now, checking into bars and stuff across the nation! he is not vaccinated.

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At 1:30 today I will be a Vaxhole!!!

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I think many people should care less about what other people post that has nothing to do with themselves.

First, second, or J&J? Either way, congrats?

This, and thanks. We didn’t think my wife could get one for another week or 2 since she is 39, but Indiana allowed anyone that turned 40 in 2021 and over to get it so she is getting one too.

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Yes, that’s different. He may be some other sort of asshole, but he’s not a vaxhole.