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Are you from Lake Wobegon, Minnesota?


Trump has added requiring drug testing to his list of debate rules he wants changed. He’s going to find a reason to back out.


Something something every accusation is a confession something.


I think it’s more a function of seeking to gain the appearance of control and defeating the lib…or of mocking the constraints that Biden’s handlers are seeking to impose.

I think that Trump looked at how sharp Biden was in the State of the Union and concluded he could only accomplish that with drugs. That’s what he tweeted and that’s the story he promoted.

Somewhat connected, we have a report about prescription drug use in the Trump WH:

So the “everybody does it” theory comes into play.


With two or three patients from the geriatric ward participating in the debates I’m thinking they’re on at least 2 or 3 meds each. We’re not talking about the Olympics here. What kind of drugs are they going to test for? Automatic ban if they test positive for Viagra or blood pressure medication?

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Sounds like Trump may have had a glitch similar to Mitch McConnell last night.

And now 2 minutes of silence for the stolen election.

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Biden vs. RFK is unlikely to sway a marginal Trump-RFK swing voter to vote for Biden. RFK is the candidate for “I want to vote GOP but I don’t like Trump”. Obviously there are some previous/potential Biden voters going for RFK, but amplifying RFK’s candidacy doesn’t do much for Biden.

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No, but it could swing a marginal Trump-RFK swing voter to RFK, which still helps Biden. And if Biden does well it could swing a marginal Trump-Biden swing voter to Biden, which helps even more.

They can probably both pluck off a few Trump voters, which helps both of them.

I mean I’m assuming they’re both going to be largely blaming the guy who’s not there to defend himself.

“Well my policy is better than your policy, but both our policies are better than Trump’s. Did y’all know that Trump eats dead puppies for breakfast? And by the way he sucks for not showing up.”

Trump’s Truth Social account posted a video with newspaper headlines about what happens after Trump wins (in a landslide!), with the first one the video zooms in on saying:

Industrial Strength Greatly Increased, Driven by Creation of a Unified Reich

Official statement is that this was posted by a staffer who didn’t notice the word Reich.

“I’m not a neo-Nazi, I just employ those who support me.”


AI gonna print what AI predicts.

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Why is it that so many Nazis are promoting these people that they can’t adequately vet their campaign materials to exclude them?

What an insane coincidence. It must be luck that Biden hasn’t repeatedly posted Nazi imagery, because #bothsides


“DeSantis having limits would’ve meant he never heard of him in the first place,” the Lincoln Project co-founder said. “The only reason he got fired was that he got caught.

“DeSantis is perfectly happy having this kind of person on the staff but doesn’t want people to know it. He still employs, Christina Pushaw [his press secretary] and other alt-right, white nationalist and anti-LGBTQ+ activists.”

There is probably some truth to this. A comment or idea that receives a favorable reaction internally becomes approval for a person with poor judgement to take that to social media.

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In other words, poor people taking advantage of legal tax credits bad, rich folks exploiting tax loopholes smart.

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To be clear, did he actually take the stand and plead the fifth? I thought it was just that he was never called to testify. Kinda splitting hairs, admittedly.


He was never called as a witness. That he is not required to testify is one manifestation of the protections of the Fifth.