Ukrainian white priviledge

In some cases, they have a point.

In other cases…I don’t recall the current Ukranian regime of being a sponsor of terrorism (although pre-invasion, the conflict in Ukraine’s east was plenty ugly).


Huh weird, cause the people mentioned in the article (Afghan, Iraqi, and Syrian) are classified as white in the US…

There are some exaggerations in parts of the article but also a lot of uncomfortable truth.

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The US lost a lot of lives and money trying to mold Afghanistan into a democracy and they surrendered without firing a shot. Ukraine has fought tooth and nail in a fight for democracy no one thought they could win. This privilege angle is in search of something to complain about

how about this article?

It’s fair to criticize Europe for being more inclined to accept ukrainian refugees than middle eastern ones. But the problem is the treatment of refugees, not feelings of empathy.

I think it is very natural to feel more empathy for people who look more similar to us or to our loved ones. There is nothing wrong with that, and to the degree that this article tries to equate those feelings with racism, it is wrong.

This is because while empathy is supposed to help us make the jump in moral imagination to see we are all of equal worth, that there is no “other”, it cannot substitute for that leap in understanding and action.

When can we retire the word privilege in regards to race relations? It’s a tired word that is needlessly adversarial and divisive.

This is so meta.

In intellectual circles like here and at universities I think the term is somewhat relevant because there is an understanding of adversity faced by people of color in the US. In the wild with people who aren’t that intellectual and also don’t really care to be it means white people have it easy. Different words have to be used in public verses in intellectual circles and this word is quite frankly not fit for the public because it requires a lot of nuance to understand what it means.

Take White privilege out to the rural areas where all the white people have no jobs and no hope and see how well it floats and why stupid use of language like this dooms liberals in rural America.


This is entirely spot on. I live in a big city but am from a rural area. It seems that a lot of people who have only lived in cities don’t realize how wide and vast the rural population of the US is, and have absolutely no concept of what it’s like.

To be fair, though, most of the people who have only lived in rural areas that I know seem to have little understanding of life in cities. I think it’s perhaps the biggest political divide in the country, yet no one talks about it.


And yet we have people in large cities continue to push a “one size fits all” response by trying to federalize all government programs.


I think the US is in a tough spot, where a lot of government needs to be at a national level to function, but nobody wants to be part of the same nation.

Maybe we’re headed for a Brexit.

Agree with this. We need a forced relocation program.

In what direction?

Historically, people have moved to big cities when economic opportunity invites. But when the economy turns sour, they don’t go back to the countryside, they stay in the city and eke out an existence by any means necessary. The Magistrate Court where I live pretty much puts everyone back out on the street.

sorry but that sounds like the root of racism to me

think of the cop that emphathizes when he pulls over a white person who says he’s late, but not with a black person


I think this is a false comparison, and you are likely assuming the cop is white. The empathy that magilla mentioned was from a distance.

Think of the black person who empathizes more over a news story about a black family being evicted vs. a white family.

I’m white. What is the minimum distance where I can feel empathy for white people but not black or brown people who are in similar situations?

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You must live in a large city

Are we talking about people, or land? The rural population is 20% and shrinking.