Two kittens wandered in what do

They haven’t left. What stuff am I supposed to buy?

Litter box?

Not Chicken, just regular cat food - you can get canned food.

Food/water bowls if you don’t want to use human bowls.

A scooper for the litter box.

Cat toys if you want to have some fun.

One of them has balls am I supposed to neuter them or what

Pretty sure they are siblings

A female cat wandered into our yard and my brother fed it. We didn’t spay it. In a few years there were a couple dozen cats hanging around the place.

Just sayin’


There was a cat that gave birth in the garage a couple months back and we saw her hanging around and I’m pretty sure these are her kittens but she is nowhere to be found.

This is a good idea whether you keep them or not. Your area might have a trap, neuter, and release (TNR) discount for stray cats that wouldn’t cost you much.

Fry them up with some garlic and onions, pretty good imo.

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  1. Take them to a vet. Have them neutered vaccinated and checked out. A vet will make sure they don’t have any health issues that are bad for them or you. After that:
    1a> take them home, adopt them, the vet will let you know how to care for them. Love them and see if they love you. have a good life.
    1b> take them to a shelter or the vet can recommend a way to get them adopted. Have the best life you can.
  2. Take them to a shelter or some agency that handles strays. Give the shelter money to help them, or don’t and live your cheap prick life.
  3. Take them out to a remote place and leave them and know that people all over are thinking of you as a poor excuse for a human.
  4. Feed them to a carnivore. 3. Does that probably but please at least be direct about it.
  5. Eat them. Slit their throats and string them up, Skin and gut them. Since they will not produce much meat strewing them is probably the best way to go unless you are an eat them raw kind of person.
  6. Remove their carbon footprint. Tie a brick to their back or other large heavy object and sink them completely submerged under water for at least a few hours. They’ll be fish food if you have fish in your pond. A trash can filled with a hose will work in a pinch. Bury their bodies afterward to return the nutrients to the soil.

If you have the money neuter all the cats in the neighborhood, even your neighbors’

Neuter them in the fashion that Mike Rowe found was most beneficial for the creature in question:

FTR, I grew up in the town referenced in this talk . . . and I believe I knew members of the family that was doing . . . the “dirty job” . . .

Give them to meeeee.

In regards to 1a, cats don’t love. They dominate, command, and expect to be worshiped. Those that obey will be tolerated, that is all. Those that provide food will be slightly less abused than those that don’t provide food.

I respectfully disagree. I have had cats in the house since 96 and haven’t seen that. It must be how you approach the cat.

It…It was a joke.

Actually, the cats like me more than anyone else in the house. I spend an inordinate amount of time with a cat on my lap. (or legs or head or neck or chest if I’m trying to sleep)

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Woosh! Sorry, it’s been a day.

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