I hadn’t been paying attention. Was the Tulsi Gabbard departure expected? Reading her quotes, I’d guess so. Pretty Fox-like, with more truth mixed in. Seriously, was she saying that in 2020? I must have missed it.

Tulsi and Kyrsten as running mates for the GOP in 2024?

I thought people were calling her a Russian asset back during the primary. She definitely had a Russia friendly perspective at the time, but she’s been saying weirder QANON type stuff lately. Democrats are an elitist cabal of warmongers? Aren’t we not in an actual war for the first time in 20 years? I’m sure you can claim some of our actions in the last year as basically the equivalent, but what a dumb thing to say on your way out.

IIRC, Hillary Clinton said that and Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation suit against Clinton. I don’t know what ever came of that.

I was just reading that she refused to vote to impeach Trump… what?!?! Hadn’t realized that. A lot of her positions do seem pretty Democratic though (opposed the Dakota pipeline, for legal marijuana, supports the Green New Deal).

she just wants to be president. She’d kill a thousand puppies with her bare hands for it

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I checked this. She dropped it a week later, before anything came of it. So I’m guessing it was either a publicity stunt or her lawyers told her she’d lose. I lean for the former, as, if the latter were the case, any good lawyers would have told her that before she filed rather than after.

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I’m unsurprised that a FOX News host and CPAC speaker, a supporter of anti-LGBTQ policies who failed to vote for Trump’s impeachment, defended by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham is not a Democrat.

At best she’s a right-leaning centrist. Definitely not progressive and divergent from Democratic priorities, even in terms of the milder center-leaning factions such as Biden.


She very much represents the views of people who switched from D to R since Trump was elected. She may well have been a test of soundbytes in the Democratic primary to see what worked for Trump’s general election battle against Hillary.

I don’t know if I buy this. She’s always been all over the place. Just in 2020 she endorsed Nina Turner, a very extreme left leaning candidate. I’m not sure that looking at her historical political platforms, one could believe she would switch from D to R based on any policies.

I’m curious what you would consider the characteristics of people who went from D to R since 2017.


Blue collar former union types.

Lol Tulsi campaigning for Kari Lake. Went from “democrat” to full Big Lie supporter.


Just watched her on Joe Rogan.

I must say, I agree with most things she says. Very eloquent and logical.

She’s fine until she talks about the big lie or Russia. Like most national politicians.

What’s wrong with her view on Russia?

By big lie you mean the military industrial complex? She seems to be reasonable on that too

My current view is that if it appears in RT its bs,

She is/was/will be in the next suburb over for a rally to support Pritzker’s opponent. I was tempted to go, but the article about it was behind a paywall, a quick search didn’t turn up the date, and I was too lazy to look any further than that.

If she was really so opposed to the military industrial complex why would she campaign for this guy: