Trumps last day physically in The White House

I’m guessing 12/20/20. The golfing is much better in FL.

Wonder if he’s already filed the change of address form . . .

Name: The President of the United States
Current Address: 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue
New Address: Key Largo, FL

I thought it was 1600?

Don’t tell Trump that.

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I’ll take Jan 10, 2021. I think he is still hoping lightning strikes when congress counts the electoral votes on the 6th. Heck, a bunch of D House members could be too sick to make it to the capital.

Then, he won’t want to sneak out immediately after losing. I’m predicting he’ll arrange a hero’s send off for himself. But, he’ll be gone comfortably before the 20th.

He’s ghosting us when he goes to Mar A Lago for Christmas. Guarantee it. He will leave the stimulus and vaccine ships drifting with no one at the helm. He doesn’t care cause he already made money off the stimulus loans and he already had Covid so he doesn’t need the vaccine.

I’ve heard rumors that he’s planning on leaving the morning of 1/21 and then holding a big rally at the airport when he lands, timed to coincide with Biden’s swearing in.

I think you’ve got a typo there.

I certainly expect him to be counter-programming the inauguration. He’ll be on TV, probably with some big announcement. Maybe he’ll announce for 2024 at exactly 12:01 pm.

I had assumed it would be a TV interview, but your idea of a rally seems more Trumpian.

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I’m semi-expecting him to resign on 19 January, so Pence can be President for a day. During that day, Pence can pardon Trump, thereby mooting questions of whether Trump can pardon himself.

How great would it be if he did that and then Pence refused to give the pardon? I mean, it would be the end of Pence’s career, and it would never happen, but still - it would be great.


That’s some real Hose of Cards type stuff there.

Does anybody know Pence’s plans for vacating his residence?

Reminds me an an SNL skit where “Clinton” did that with “Gore.”

The day after Biden’s inauguration or is that supposed to be 1/20?

Gawd, I hadn’t thought of this possibility but I suppose he could technically do that.

Any federal judge can swear in a POTUS. It is traditionally the Chief Justice, but it doesn’t have to be. And there is surely at least one federal judge who would go along with such shenanigans.

The existence of such a judge, and Trump and Pence’s willingness to go along with it, would be the only things preventing this outcome.

I think it would be the end of Pence’s political career either way. I mean, maybe he could go back to the House of Representatives, but I doubt he’d want to “take a step down”.

More likely he’ll join the faculty at Indiana University and/or go on the speaking circuit charging obscene amounts to give speeches. He won’t command ex-President level fees, but enough for a very comfortable lifestyle.

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Just like the Clintons! Both of them!!

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Yep. My impression is that he is big with the Christian right. I expect he can write a standard “faith and government” speech that he can use with many audiences.

So Trump stayed in the WH after the election, but has now moved down to Mar-a-lago. He seems to be enjoying the weather and the golf. I expect he will stay at least through the 1st.

I still predict that he will be back in DC for Jan 6th. I think he is doing a GA rally on the 4th. He might go FL to GA to DC.

He has at least one tweet encouraging a big protest in DC on the 6th, I can’t see him missing a chance to enjoy a big crowd.

I heard an idea to have Pence (and Cabinet) 25th-Amendment him after 12/27, which would be 25 days before the election, and the amendment has language stating he couldn’t return to office.

Members of the administration reportedly discussed the possibility of invoking the amendment in the early days of Trump’s presidency, but that possibility has been dismissed as purely theoretical, especially given one obvious problem: To do so, two-thirds of each house of Congress would have to vote to allow the vice-president to continue in the position of acting president. But as we reach the final days of the Trump presidency, this obstacle is about to be removed. The mechanics of the amendment allow the vice-president to remain in the position of acting president for a minimum of 25 days, as long as a simple majority of at least one chamber of Congress is willing to cooperate.

It may seem extremely unlikely that Mike Pence, who up to this point has been one of Trump’s most craven enablers, would even consider taking advantage of this constitutional power. But it’s always possible that, between now and January 20 when Trump’s term expires, the situation may become so extreme that he and eight other Cabinet members may find the modicum of personal courage and moral decency necessary to do the right thing.

So, he arrived at Mar-a-Lago on 12/23. Let’s see if he ever returns to The White House.

There is a fight in Palm Beach to keep him from staying permanently at Mar-a-Lago, as it is a resort, and not a private residence.