Trump Arrest Watch

Presumably, it’s “normal”, essentially the equivalent to pre-trial bail, and judgment in a civil trial being stayed pending appeal.

I believe the convict also has the option to go ahead and start serving the sentence immediately, to get it out of the way, while waiting for the appeal. Martha Stewart did that, for example.

I doubt that Trump will follow Martha’s precedent, however. After all, [red font]he is perfect, never makes mistakes, and never loses.[/red font]

Trump seems to be buying off potential witnesses. Probably won’t be prosecuted for it.

These pay increases and other benefits often came at delicate moments in the legal proceedings against Trump. One aide who was given a plum position on the board of Trump’s social media company, for example, got the seat after he was subpoenaed but before he testified.

But McQuade said these cases are difficult to prove, even if the intent were actually to influence testimony, because savvy defendants don’t explicitly attach strings to the benefits and would more likely be “all wink and a nod, ‘You’re a great, loyal employee, here’s a raise.’”

I’m just assuming that they (the state) won’t let probation get in the way of running for president. Either they will defer until after an appeal or the probation officer will have orders to be reasonable. The internet tells me that the goal of probation is to get the offender back into society as a non-criminal contributor and to minimize the chance they will commit another crime. Given the circumstances, it’s hard to see what a probation officer would require.

So maybe I should rescind my comment. I don’t think they will be a big burden on Trump even if he loses unless the state just wants to make his life difficult.

But Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Speaking of Hunter, I believe his trial starts today. Trump judge threw out a piece of evidence Hunter wanted to use and denied his expert witness from testifying. I’m sure if Hunter is convicted the MAGA crowd will be pointing to how the Justice system has worked and if he gets off it will be further proof that the system is rigged.


Trump is now calling for the SC to intervene in his case.

Novel concept, I’m sure he’ll lay out the Constitutional angle that would let the SC take this in 2 weeks.

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Just need a dollar amount these days.

Mara-a-Lardo vaccination where ever restroom is guaranteed to have at least 2 classified documents for your dump reading pleasure.

This didn’t take long. I really do hope they secure the jury because its likely they will try to target them as well.


I realize that Midas touch is strongly against Trump, but in this clip he sure sounds nervous about the Epstein files being released and is dissembling about the details contained in those files. We also know from past comments made by Trump that he kind of likes checking out naked underage teens.

List of current felony indictments and convictions related to Trump…this has to be a record.


Only the best people


Funnel the swamp!

That’s going to make shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue two felonies.


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I basically read this to mean: "President Trump does not endorse this product, but if he did, he would probably say ‘I, President Donald Trump, proudly endorse this product.’ "

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