Trivia #2. Let’s make this more palatable

Buuuut… I’m going to put a “dummy” team that gets 10/10 each round. Then at the end of the game tell them that the perfect scoring team didn’t exist. Lol

You’re planning for next time? STEM again?

I said more palatable! Sooo trivia: Entertainment. Recent events. What are these lyrics. No partial points. NO MATHS!!!

Maybe just one math round? With easier questions?

I thought about mis-scoring teams randomly to see if they come and correct me. Lol.

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Tell you what. I’ll bring the calculators. But no math questions

I am done calling it MATHS!!! If anyone busts me for using that term EVER AGAIN I will give you $20 of quick picks of the MM or PB lotto. Whichever is bigger. SOOO annoying!

You could make it all about stuff they serve at the bar.

Round 1: Beer

Round 2: Wine

Round 3: Spirits

Round 4: Mixology

Round 5: Snacks

Or something like that.

You could have them rank countries by their per capita beer or wine consumption.

Lots of good questions about grape varietals.

Something about the beer consumer on the Mayflower maybe.

Which team was suspended from Major League Baseball for its refusal to stop selling beer at games, as MLB required? (Cincinnati Reds)

Match which liquor is distilled from what.

Tons of questions on the history of each.

Ugh. Too soon. My brain still hurts. Lol.

Do math questions, but provide only slide rules and abacuses. (Or is it abacai?)

While some folks like “theme” trivia, you risk turning folks off if they don’t know in advance. Most people expect it to be a blend. You don’t expect Jeopardy at the bar, but you also wouldn’t expect a night of Friends trivia unless advertised.

For instance, literature q’s are about harry potter/twilight/tom clancy or commonly assigned HS books, not the 1972 pulitzer prize winner.

Same with science and math. Most points s/b “easy”/high get rate, but with an occasional differentiator.

If your goal is to have the less proficient teams win you will have a tough time. The longer the set, the less likely. You will have to have tailored items that “you just have to know it” rather than ones that can have multiple ins. Or you have overly easy questions and generous hints. Although it sounds attention-getting or surprising, it may be less appealing to players than you would expect. Kinda like randomly distributing playing cards and saying best hand wins.

And don’t take the applause for regular host badly. People like what they know.

Many people call the second full moon in a month a blue moon, but, according to the Maine Farmers’ Almanac, what is a blue moon? It is the third full moon when there are four full moons in a season.

Ok, but trivia about alcohol when the trivia game is in a bar seems different. If they weren’t into drinking they probably wouldn’t be there. Plus the last one had a STEM theme so I was operating under the assumption that themes were ok.

And you can make the questions as easy or as hard as you want. I mean the last game someone proposed a question about a Klein bottle when spherical vs cylindrical is probably about as advanced as bar trivia should be IMO.

One thing I’ve seen in a number of trivia contests: the early rounds are a lot easier, so at halftime there are a lot of teams that still think they are in the hunt. This encourages more folks to hang around (and eat/drink more which helps the venue). The later rounds crank up the difficulty.


Do a round of ten: “Order these celebrities by age, youngest to oldest” in which the score is determined by how many adjacent pairs are correctly ordered.
Not sure if this is hard to score (or who is scoring), but since I’m not scoring…

Went to one last year where they handed out a sheet with 10 pictures on it, all of people named Frank. We had to provide the last name.

Some were easy, like Perdue or Sinatra.

One we were proud(?) we got right was Stallone.

at one place, the last round is listing 10 of the top 20 from some list.

One was list 10 of the top 20 most populous cities in the US. (fun twist, do state capitals instead!)

Or 10 of the top 20 best selling beers in US.

Top National Parks by size.

Football stadia by capacity

Songs downloaded from iTunes.


Name that tune is always a popular round.

Couple weeks ago, we had drinking songs as the category.

Another one was 90’s tunes.

Yet another (easier) one, was songs with the word “like” in the title.

This is a good one. You won’t believe #3! (Of course, you may need to specify NFL football stadiorums…or maybe not…)

I meant NFL footbal stadia, not futbol.

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